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CDO Access Policy

To have access to the Career Development Office (CDO) resources and services, University of Houston Law Center (Law Center) students and alumni must remain in good standing with the CDO.  The purpose of this policy is twofold: (1) to ensure the Law Center can provide the highest quality career programming, resources, and advising to our students and alumni and (2) to maintain a reputation of excellence among legal employers to ensure future recruiting opportunities.

Law Center students and alumni in violation of the CDO Access Policy may lose access to CDO resources and services. Violations of the CDO Access Policy include (but are not limited to) the following:

  • No show to interviews or other commitments: Students who commit to a scheduled interview or meeting based on a career opportunity generated by the CDO (including job interviews, job fairs, and informational interviews) must attend the interview or provide timely advanced notice of cancellation to the employer or contact.  Timely advanced notice of cancellation of an interview is 48 hours or more.

A student who cannot attend a scheduled interview and cannot provide timely advanced notice of cancellation to the employer must notify the CDO immediately and draft a letter of apology to the interviewer.  To remain in good standing with the CDO, the student must email a draft of the letter of apology for review and approval to the Assistant Dean of Career Development within 48 hours of the missed interview. Once the letter is approved, the student must submit the final signed letter to the employer and the CDO to remain in good standing. 

  • Misrepresentation of information: Knowingly misrepresenting information to employers, the CDO, the Law Center, or any other party affiliated with the Law Center by students or alumni is prohibited. In addition to losing access to CDO resources, students who have misrepresented information may also be subject to disciplinary action by the Assistant Dean of Student Affairs and/or by the Dean of the Law Center. Examples of misrepresentation include falsifying employment, falsifying your GPA, and falsifying your class standing (rank) by calculating a percentage other than as instructed by the Law Center here:
  • Inappropriate communication/behavior:  Inappropriate communication/behavior with employers, the CDO, the Law Center, or any other party affiliated with the Law Center is prohibited.  Reports from employers regarding inappropriate communication or behavior by students will be investigated and the student may be required to submit a letter of apology.   Students who experience inappropriate treatment by an employer should contact the CDO immediately before addressing it with the employer.
  • Unauthorized Access to CDO Resources and Events:  Access to CDO resources, such as the Symplicity job database, CDO resource materials, and CDO sponsored events, is strictly limited to Law Center students and alumni only. Students/alumni may not provide access to CDO resources to others. Allowing others to access Symplicity, including sharing passwords or allowing others to submit job applications through Symplicity, will result in immediate suspension of service.
  • Failure to Respond to CDO Employment Inquiries: All accredited law schools must report graduate employment information to the American Bar Association to maintain accreditation. The Law Center also responds to certain national surveys with student/graduate employment data. All individual information is confidential and data is only reported in the aggregate. (See Employment Statistics here.)  Students/Alumni utilizing CDO resources are agreeing to promptly respond to inquiries by the CDO staff concerning employment information, participation in job fairs, and interviews.

The CDO is committed and available to advise students as it relates to issues of job search.  CDO will consider matters impacting good standing on a case-by-case basis. When access to CDO resources and services has been removed, a student or alumnus may petition to be reinstated to good standing status by contacting the Assistant Dean for Career Development.