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Kris Thomas

Welcome! As president of the University of Houston Law Alumni Association, I am excited to tell you about the dedicated community of legal professionals that is your law alumni association. Our community is comprised of highly respected legal professionals who are leaders in their fields. By graduating from The University of Houston Law Center you have joined a network of esteemed colleagues representing the brightest minds practicing law today.

The Law Alumni Association has two main purposes. First, we facilitate a variety of networking opportunities so that our law alumni can further their career goals by meeting and engaging with each other in order to learn from the broad range of experiences and perspectives offered by fellow alumni.

Through events, CLE presentations, and other networking opportunities, alumni can meet lawyers, judges, and other legal professionals who can help you achieve your career goals. In addition, the law alumni association supports various affinity groups.

To our most recent alumni, we recognize that you had to overcome unique challenges presented by the pandemic on your path to graduation that the rest of us as law students did not experience. You have worked incredibly hard to earn your law degree and your dedication and commitment to the study of law have paid off. Congratulations on persevering and making the tremendous effort required to complete your legal education. While the bulk of your law school experience was impacted by the worst pandemic in 100 years, the Class of 2023 was able to enjoy its 3L classes in the beautiful John M. O’Quinn Law Building.

For our young alumni, please know that our alumni association is here to support you. Whether you intend to practice law locally, return to your

hometown or begin your career in an exciting new city, the alumni association wants to stay in touch with you and help you succeed. We are here to support you and help you connect with other alumni, develop your professional skills, and make a positive impact on your community, so please keep in touch so we can reach out and present opportunities for engagement throughout your career.

Our second purpose as a law alumni association is to facilitate ways for alumni to give back to the Law Center to ensure that it continues to produce the finest lawyers practicing law today. When you invest financially in UHLC it shows that you value the education you received and that investment in the future of the school is money well spent. Alumni donations enhance the reputation and prestige of a law school. It is important for alumni to contribute to UHLC to ensure that the institution continues to provide current and future students the same premier legal education and resources that you received.

The law alumni are working with the Law Center to raise $10 million in scholarships to keep the cost of a legal education at the University of Houston Law Center within the reach of the broadest number of the best students. A strong scholarship base helps to attract and retain top students. A law school with top students, a strong reputation, and a successful alumni network attracts top faculty, which in turn enhances the value of the law degree from that law school. Please visit this website to learn more about how you can support scholarships.

In addition to providing scholarship funds, the law alumni association provides another very important resource to our law students, mentoring. Mentoring law students enhances their legal education by giving them valuable interpersonal connections that make a strong foundation as they launch their legal careers.

Before I close this message, I want to recognize and give my heartfelt thanks to Alex Roberts, Immediate Past President of the University of Houston Law Alumni Association, for his outstanding leadership over the course of his term. Alex guided us back to in person board meetings once it was safe to do so at the stunning offices of Beck Redden. Thank you Alex.

To our entire alumni base, I want to encourage you to stay in touch. Our law alumni association is committed to providing our members with the tools and support they need to succeed in their careers and make a positive impact in their communities. As you move forward in your legal career, I encourage you to stay connected with our alumni association.

Kris L. Thomas ’83
2023-2024 UH Law Alumni Association President