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Trudeau stakes Canada's trade policy on NAFTA's resiliency

Professor Elizabeth Trujillo was quoted in a CBC news article regarding the North American Leaders' Summit in Mexico City

There were some big climate policy moves in 2022. What’s on tap for the new year?

Victor Flatt was quoted in a Grid News article on what he is keeping an eye on in the climate realm for 2023.

The Bill of Rights: The Fifth Amendment

In this regular series on Houston Public Media, Dean Leonard Baynes looks at how the The Bill of Rights relates to society today. Listen as he discusses the Fifth Amendment.

Opinion: Abbott's Christmas busing stunt makes me ashamed to be Texan

Teresa Messer wrote an opinion article in the Houston Chronicle regarding Texas Gov. Greg Abbott busing migrants to Washington, D.C.

These Latinos died in 2022. They made a mark on the nation's culture and institutions.

Michael A. Olivas was mentioned in an article on NBC News regarding his profound imprint on American institutions.

Wells Fargo agrees to pay $3.7B to settle charges of illegal activity

Jim Hawkins was mentioned in a Queen City News video regarding Wells Fargo's $3.7B settlement.


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