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September 2015

The Complications of a Sharing Economy

Houston Matters interviewed Professor Zale.

Wells on the Law of Horizontal Drilling

Professor Wells has posted an article on SSRN.

UH Law Center to offer free classes Saturday on basic legal rights

Texas Lawyer published an article on the Law Center’s professional development program for first-year students. 

6 IP Malpractice Cases Attorneys Need To Know

Professor Janicke was quoted in a Law360 article on intellectual property malpractice cases.

Conference on Civil Forfeiture Panel At The 2015 Brigham-Kanner Property Rights

Professor Thompson participated in a panel discussion according to an article.

Arne Duncan says goodbye, hands unfinished business to John King

Professor Olivas was quoted in a Politico article. 

House Panel Debates Tool to Keep Suits Federal

Professor Lonny Hoffman was quoted from in an article reported by Bloomberg BNA.

With chances of stay dwindling, convicted killer 'at peace'

Professor Dow is mentioned in an article that appeared in the Houston Chronicle.

UH Law Center to offer free classes Saturday on basic legal rights

Professor Emeritus Richard Alderman was quoted in the Texas Bar Blog.

Murder suspect has been awaiting trial for 5 years

Melissa Hamilton was quoted in an article reported by the Beaumont Enterprise.

Death Watch: After Appeal Denied, Death Row Inmate to Die

Professor Dow is mentioned in an article reported by the Austin Chronicle.

CA5 Remand in Mexican Transgender Withholding Case (Unpub. Order)

The LexisNexis Legal Newsroom cited Professor Geoffrey Hoffman as reporting that the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit has remanded a Mexican transgender withholding case back to the BIA on joint motion. The case is being handled by the UHLC Immigration Clinic.

Sobriety testing criticized in DWI appeals cases

Visiting scholar Melissa Hamilton was quoted in a Beaumont Enterprise article regarding the validity of field sobriety tests.

Deal on stolen funds reached

Professor Crump was quoted in a Houston Chronicle article regarding the resolution of a lawsuit filed by David Dewhurst against his former adviser Kenneth Barfield.

Social Determinants of Health

Professor Mantel was interviewed by The Week in Health Law podcast regarding the social determinants of health.

How Herbie Can Save VW’s Compliance Program

Adjunct Professor Ryan McConnell authored a Corporate Counsel article regarding how Volkswagen can save its compliance program in the wake of recent reports that the company tricked U.S. regulators by coding the engine management software of their cars (so they operated differently under emissions testing).

Texas program for violent sex offenders faces new legal questions

Professor Hamilton’s recent comments in the Houston Chronicle regarding Texas’ new sex offender program appeared in an article on the ValleyCentral.com news website.  The article also appeared on the KSAT news website.

Health Law Policy, Bioethics and Biotechnology Workshop

Professor Roberts’ presentation of her paper, Theories of Genetic Ownership, at this evening’s Health Law Policy, Bioethics and Biotechnology Workshop at Harvard Law School was highlighted on the school’s news and events website.

$8 million and counting for voter ID litigation

The Off the Kuff blog quoted Professor Rave in a post about the cost of defending Texas voting laws in court. The quotes from Professor Rave originally appeared in an September 16, 2015 Houston Chronicle article.

Sex offender program created by lawmakers faces legal hurdles

Professor Hamilton was quoted in a Houston Chronicle article about legal issues surrounding Texas’ newly overhauled civil commitment program for sex offenders.

Six Years Later, Police Shooting of Robbie Tolan Reaches a Settlement

Visiting scholar Melissa Hamilton was interviewed on Houston Matters concerning the settlement in a years-long legal dispute stemming from the 2008 shooting in Bellaire of aspiring minor league ballplayer Robbie Tolan by Bellaire police officer Jeffrey Cotton.

Other states' experiences offer clues to the future of Minnesota Sex Offender Program

Visiting scholar Melissa Hamilton was quoted in an article commenting on recent changes to the sex offender treatment program in Texas.

State defense of voting laws costs $8 million and counting

Professor Rave was quoted in a Houston Chronicle article regarding the cost of defending Texas voting laws in court. The article was also published by the San Antonio Express-News

Dating the Dean

Professor Olivas was quoted in an Inside Higher Ed article about university policies regarding romantic relationships between faculty members or between a faculty member and an administrator.  

DOJ Goes "Old School" with New Enforcement Policy

Adjunct Professor Ryan McConnell co-authored a Corporate Counsel article regarding a recent announcement from the Department of Justice indicating that it will refocus its efforts on individual accountability for corporate wrongdoing. 

Zealous Advocacy Conference at UH Law Center helps juvenile defense attorneys develop tools to represent troubled youth

Professor Marrus is quoted in a press release that was issued by the University of Houston Law Center (and available on PRNewswire.com), regarding the upcoming 14th Annual Zealous Advocacy Conference, “The Intersection of Race, Gender, Adolescent Development, and Juvenile Justice,” to be held Saturday, September 25-26 at the Law Center. Professor Marrus is scheduled to speak at the conference, which is co-sponsored by the Center for Children, Law & Policy and the Southwest Juvenile Defender Center.

Health insurer Humana dropped Houston’s Baylor College of Medicine from its network back on Aug. 1.

Professor Chandler was interviewed by Houston Matters regarding the decision by Humana to drop Houston’s Baylor College of Medicine from its network.

Ever hopeful and determined, Texas secessionists face long, long odds

Professor Paust was quoted in a Houston Chronicle article about the many legal and practical roadblocks facing groups like the Republic of Texas, who advocate for Texas’ secession from the United States.

Lawyer for Couples That Fought Texas' Same-Sex Marriage Ban Wants State to Pay Up

Houston Press quoted Professor Linzer discussing the prospect for an award of attorney’s fees in the case of a 2014 challenge to Texas’ ban on same-sex marriage.

Clean Power Plan in Texas could generate benefits for natural gas producers

American Energy News quoted Professor Hester noting that implementing the EPA’s Clean Power Plan improperly might damage the Texas energy grid.

We have the talent, but where are the roles?

Professor Olivas has authored a review available on Somos en escrito (the Latino Literary Online Magazine)’s website. Professor Olivas’ review discusses the USC/Annenberg report, “Inequality in Popular Films,” as well as Hidden Chicano Cinema: Film Dramas in the Borderlands (by A. Gabriel Melendez), Mexico on Main Street: Transnational Film Culture in Los Angeles before World War II (by Colin Gunckel), and Narco Cinema: Sex, Drugs, and Banda Music in Mexico's B-Filmography (by Ryan Rashotte).

Indiana's Pre-K Pilot Caught Up in Immigration Debate

Professor Olivas was quoted in an article in Education Week regarding Indiana’s decision to bar undocumented children from entering its preschool pilot program

Fourth Amendment, among other immigration-related issues.

Professor Geoffrey Hoffman was interviewed by the ACLU for the radio program, “Be the Change,” on immigration topics, including the recent DACA litigation, family detention, expedited removal, right to counsel, Fourth Amendment, among other immigration-related issues.

Authors of school-zone phone ban say it wasn't supposed to be optional

The Houston Chronicle quoted Professor Zale opining that Texas’ law banning cell phone use in school zones likely requires the City of  Houston to post signs in school zones.

Wetlands ruling could open more land for development

Professor Hester was quoted in a Houston Chronicle article regarding a U.S. District Court’s ruling that the Environmental Protection Agency exceeded its authority when it attempted to block construction of homes in a marshy area near the Woodlands.

Tax exemption may be key to move of Keurig’s coffee buying to Switzerland

Professor Wells was quoted in a Reuters article regarding Keurig’s decision to shift its coffee buying operation to Switzerland in order to take advantage of a tax exemption for agricultural commodities.  The article also appeared on other news websites including Business Insider and Yahoo News.  

Does Houston Have the Right to Enforce Clean Air Laws? The Texas Supreme Court Will Decide

Professor Hester was quoted in a Houston Press article regarding a challenge to Houston’s Clean Air Ordinance in the case of BCCA Appeal Group v. City of Houston.

Women’s suffrage deserves to be celebrated

An article on The Cougar website reports that Frances “Sissy” Farenthold, who taught law at the University of Houston, was recently honored by the Houston Area League of Women Voters at its 14th Annual Repast Luncheon.


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