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The Law Fund

The University of Houston Law Center is among the premier institutions for educating Texas’s lawyers and civic leaders. Our alumni have made an impact legally, politically, commercially and socially across our city, region, state and nation.

The Law Center holds these principles: that our graduates are fully prepared for the demands of legal practice in an ethical and responsible manner; that they are in a position to provide leadership and good for their communities; and that we educate them with a community of scholars and teachers who influence legal and public policy debates.

These principles cannot be realized without philanthropic support - we depend on generous private gifts. The Law Fund, the annual unrestricted giving program of the Law Center, provides funding to help achieve our mission.

Reasons for Giving

Even without the pressing financial needs, make giving to the Law Fund a priority. Below are just some of the reasons why our alumni give:

    • “I want to see the Law Center rise in annual ranking surveys. I give to because alumni participation helps the effort. When the Law Center climbs, it benefits me.”
    • “It gave me the foundation that made it possible for me to practice and prosper.”
    • “My giving makes the Law Center possible for others.”
    • “I give to ensure that the same level of teaching excellence exists for future students.”
    • “I want to invest in the City of Houston and the State of Texas. The Law Center deserves to be part of a Tier-One Institution and my gift can help make that happen.”

To make an online gift, please click here. For more information on how you can invest in the Dean’s Society and the Law Fund at the University of Houston Law Center, please contact:

Office of Law Alumni Relations, at (713) 743-2201 or