THE ALBERTUS MAGNUS Society honors individuals who have included provisions in their wills or estate plans that benefit the UH Law Center. Albertus Magnus Society members automatically become members of the University of Houston’s 1927 Society and are invited to campus-wide events that recognize their support for the university. Members are also invited to an annual private reception with the dean of the UH Law Center, and their far-reaching support of the school is recognized for inspiring other alumni to amend their wills and estate plans.

Herbert K. Acord
Douglas P. Allen ’63
Nancy J. Bailey ’85
Lorette Bauarschi ’91
David A. Bloomer ’70
Mary A. Bobinski
Denis C. Braham ’79
John O. Brentin ’78
G. E. Brooks ’74
Vera S. Riley Brown
J. S. Chase ’71
Scott S. Cramer ’80
John E. Dixon ’85
Joanne Doherty ’85
Larry J. Doherty ’70
John Jay Douglass
James T. Evans ’68
Mary Ann Faust ’74
Hannah R. Frank
Pete L. Gonzalez ’94
Travis C. Johnson ’62
Clarence F. Kendall ’60
Mark M. Kennedy ’89
John E. Kolb ’55
Jane H. Lerner ’79
Gerald Long ’84
Guy E. Matthews
John J. Moores ’75
Robert J. Nader ’81
Marvin D. Nathan ’66
Kenneth G. Norman ’73
Martin L. Nusynowitz
Michael A. Olivas
Charles R. Parker ’74
Augustina H. Reyes
Don R. Riddle ’66
Gregory S. Robertson
Elizabeth D. Rockwell
Regina J. Rogers ’70
Leonard B. Rosenberg ’53
Claudia Sangster ’81
Peter L. Shaw ’88
James P. Smith ’67
Robert C. Sohns ’72
Jerry L. Starkey ’88
Shirley Toomim
Robert S. Toth ’93
Jacqueline Weaver ’75
Irving H. Weissman ’66
Stephen T. Zamora
Alvin L. Zimmerman ’67

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