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AlbertusJoin the Albertus Magnus Society with a simple bequest to UH Law Center

How can I be certain the gift to the Law Center that I plan to someday make will be made?  Becoming a member of the Albertus Magnus Society provides a way.  The Albertus Magnus Society honors individuals who have included provisions in their will or estate plan benefiting the UH Law Center.  Members are invited to an annual reception with the dean and their far-reaching support of the school is recognized in appropriate publications.  Simply inform us that you have included the University of Houston Law Center in your will or estate plans and you will be added to the donor roll. 

There are many ways to support the UH Law Center, but when you plan a gift as part of your long-term estate and financial plans, you will support law students and programs far into the future while still ensuring that your loved ones are taken care of.   Here are a few ways to make a planned gift to the Law Center:

    1. Leave UHLC a specific amount or percentage of your assets through a gift in your will
    2. Make a charitable gift and receive fixed payments for life.
    3. Designate a percentage of your retirement plan assets to UHLC after your lifetime
    4. Donate appreciated stock or securities and avoid capital gains taxes
    5. Donate a second home or other real estate
    6. Arrange a charitable remainder trust to benefit UHLC
    7. Set up a charitable lead trust that supports UHLC and helps preserve your loved ones’ inheritance
    8. Designate UHLC as a beneficiary of an insurance policy on your life.

Please join me and many others who recognize the lasting benefits which our legal education has provided and help ensure those benefits accrue to another generation of UH Law Center graduates.  Simply call the number below to ask for the form to recognize that you have made a bequest to the Law Center.  Do it today!
Lawrence J. Pirtle ’66 |Of Counsel
Gardere Wynne Sewell LLP
Chairman Emeritus, UHLC Foundation

For more information on joining the Albertus Magnus Society, please contact:

University of Houston Law Center Office of Law Alumni Relations
4170 Martin Luther King Blvd
Houston, TX 77204-6060

713.743.2107 ph
713.743.2211 fax

Albertus Magnus Society Members

Douglas P. Allen ’69
The Honorable Nancy J. Bailey ’85
Georgia Bass
Lorette Bauarschi ’91
David A. Bloomer ’70
Denis C. Braham ’79 and Sarah Braham
G. E. Brooks ’74
Vera S. Riley Brown
J. Scott Chase ’71 and Debra Witter
Scott S. Cramer ’80
The Honorable Larry J. Doherty ’70 and Joanne Doherty ’85
Dr. John Jay Douglass
James T. Evans '69
The Mary Ann Faust '74 Estate
Pete L. Gonzalez ’94
Bill Jackson '92 and Shawn Jackson
Elizabeth M. Johnston
The Michele M. Kaufman '77 Estate
Clarence F. Kendall II '60 and Dorothy Kendall
Mark M. Kennedy ’89
John E. Kolb '55 and Joy Kolb
Guy E. Matthews and Carolyn Matthews
The Darold E. Maxwell Estate
Robert J. Nader ’81
Marvin D. Nathan ’65, ’69 and Arlene Nathan
Kenneth G. Norman, Jr. ’73 and Patricia Norman
Dr. Martin L. Nusynowitz and Susan Nusynowitz
Michael A. Olivas and Dr. Augustina H. Reyes
Dr. Robert C. Palmer
Charles R. Parker ’74 and Marsha Parker
Larry Pirtle '66 and Judy Pirtle
Don R. Riddle ’66 and Jenny Riddle
Gregory S. Robertson and Kate Robertson
W. Ronald Robins '69 and Mary L. Robins
Regina J. Rogers ’70
Claudia Sangster ’81
Terry Sears ‘93
Peter L. Shaw ’88, ‘11
James P. Smith ’69 and Kathy Smith
Robert C. Sohns, Jr. ’72 and Laura Sohns
Shirley and David Toomim Foundation
The Dr. Robert S. Toth '93 Estate
William V. Walker ’71
Stephen (J.D. ’83) and Kristine G. Wallace
Jacqueline Weaver ’75 and Kirk Weaver
Irving H. Weissman ’66
The Stephen T. Zamora Estate and Dr. Lois Zamora
The Honorable Alvin L. Zimmerman '67 and Susie Zimmerman

For more information on how you can invest in the future of the University of Houston Law Center, by making a planned gift, please contact:

University of Houston Law Center Office of Law Alumni Relations
4170 Martin Luther King Blvd
Houston, TX 77204-6060

713.743.2107 ph
713.743.2211 fax