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UHLC Alumna Zeinab Kachmar Zahid ’17 redefines work-life balance by starting a solo practice

September 20, 2023 — University of Houston Law Center alumna Zeinab Kachmar Zahid (J.D. ‘17) has begun a solo practice as ZKZ Law PLLC in Houston.

Having worked as a legal fellow and associate attorney for different law firms in Houston and the surrounding areas throughout her career, Zeinab is proud to enter a new chapter in her profession by becoming a managing partner in her own firm.

Zeinab delves into the significance of starting a solo practice while making time for family and shares takeaways from her legal education at UH Law Center.

Nicole Nathan Gibson

Name: Zeinab Kachmar Zahid
Raised In: Houston, Texas
J.D. Received: 2017
Role: Managing Partner and Attorney, ZKZ Law PLLC

What does it mean to you to begin a solo practice?

For me, it means that I get to be home with my family while continuing to practice. The practice of law can be brutal and does not leave much time to be a fully formed human, especially if you are at a firm. Being a solo practitioner was my compromise to being a stay-at-home mom to the love of my life, who just turned 10 months old.

In what other ways did a J.D. help you in your career before you decided to begin a solo practice?

My J.D. and the pursuit of it led me to my internships, clerkships, and my positions, which ultimately allowed me to make the jump to solo practice.

What led you to pursue a legal education at UHLC? What were some of your favorite professors/memories here?
UHLC was a natural fit for me, as I grew up in Houston and wanted to stay near home. I attended UH for my undergraduate degree in English Literature and Poetry, so it already felt like home for me. There were so many things that I loved about UHLC and a few difficult experiences as well, but I think it is the lifelong friendships that I formed that were the most memorable. I never expected my classmates to become some of my closest friends. We have attended each other’s weddings and begun to raise families together, and we continue to grow both personally and in our careers together as well.

What is one valuable lesson you learned at UHLC?

I learned that no one is going to take care of me but me. And this was a difficult but valuable lesson to learn. 

What advice would you give to law students who are unsure of their next steps?

Take classes in everything and take jobs doing whatever sounds interesting! It is okay to jump around. You never know if you love or hate something until you actively do it.

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