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UH Law Center graduate Mankarious ’05 promoting community safety as leader of Crime Stoppers of Houston

Rania Mankarious '05

Rania Mankarious '05

Nov. 16, 2020 - Rania Mankarious, a 2005 alumna of the University of Houston Law Center, has been leading Crime Stoppers of Houston, Texas’ leading public safety non-profit organization, since 2013 as Executive Director and now as CEO. 

"It is a tremendous honor," she said. "With each passing year, each passing headline and breaking story - the work of this organization has only meant more and more to me. I have grown more thankful for our team, our board, our volunteers, the community, and the special partners that make everything happen - our tipsters, volunteers, and law enforcement."
Mankarious’ goals as CEO include establishing a connection between the organization and the community.

"We live here, work here, raise our kids here, send them to school here, our investments are here, many of us plan to retire here," she said. "The public safety of this incredible city where we live, work and play should be of the utmost importance to us all.”

"Beyond the connection to our local citizenry, we strive to be a bridge between law enforcement and the community. We also seek to have our programming, such as Safe School Institute and the Safe Community Program, serve as a resource for the entire State of Texas, especially Crime Stoppers organizations stationed in Texas, and beyond."

Mankarious’ goal of serving the public to better society led her to take an internship (even though she had a Master’s Degree in Marriage and Family Therapy and a JD) with Crime Stoppers in 2006. She first learned about the opportunity while as a Law Center student.

"I am thankful that Crime Stoppers of Houston posted an opening at the University of Houston Law Center and that is how I originally applied back in 2006," Mankarious said. "This school gave me so much and I am so thankful for it."

Mankarious does not use her legal education in a traditional manner, but it proves to be helpful for research, writing, understanding laws and the legislative process.

"Between working with elected officials, law enforcement, the criminal justice system, media and the community, a legal education helps tremendously," Mankarious said.

According to Mankarious, attorneys and laypeople in Houston can assist the organization through a number of methods. 

"Our biggest request of the community is that they will share the information we provide," she said. "Of course, we are always looking for financial support but ultimately, sharing information helps us and the community tremendously. Follow us, follow me and engage in our message."

The team located in Houston is now the most productive Crime Stoppers office worldwide. 

"Thanks to our team, volunteers, partners, sponsors, and board members," Mankarious said. "There are 1,700 Crime Stoppers across 32 countries. We are thankful to be the leader."