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Alumni Spotlight

UH Law Center graduate Evans ’97 promoted to partner at global law firm


Sheshe Evans '97

Aug. 17, 2020 - Sheshe Evans, a 1997 alumna of the University of Houston Law Center was recently named a partner at Holman Fenwick Willan.

HFW works with clients around the world in a multitude of sectors such as aerospace, commodities, and shipping.  As partner, Evans focuses on commercial and personal injury litigation in the energy, construction, and insurance sectors.

“I was equal parts thrilled and honored to become a partner at HFW,” Evans said. “It was something I worked very hard for and I was happy the partners had faith in me. My goal is to partner with clients and to assist them in increasing their productivity and profitability.

“Litigation can be extremely costly, and it diverts resources away from their short term and long-term goals. The better I understand my clients’ business, the more efficiently and effectively I can represent their interests.”

Pursuing a career in law was an easy choice she made in high school, but deciding to become a litigator would come during her years at the Law Center.

“I always knew I wanted to be an advocate,” Evans said. “I have always wanted to spend my career in service to the interests of others. Representing an entity and ensuring its interests are protected is at the core of my practice. My goal is to craft creative and innovative arguments to assert my clients’ position.”

Evans’ success has not made her forget her roots, and gives thanks to her loved ones for helping her get where she is.

“I also understand that I have not achieved anything on my own,” she said. “My family sacrificed a lot for me to have this opportunity and it is an honor for me to represent them and to achieve all they hoped I would.”

Through her career Evans has learned many lessons that she wants law students to be aware of, including working hard, honing your skills and keeping your personal life out of work.

“What happens at work is just that – work,” she said. “It is not personal. It's important to not take things personally.”   

Evans has many memories of the Law Center, but her favorite are the ones centered around groups she joined on campus.

“I especially loved Black Law Student Association,” she said. “It was a place for African-American students to gather and support each other.”

Evans advises law students to develop their writing and oral advocacy skills, but to also be aware that everyone’s path is not the same.

“I chose to become Of Counsel for a few years before I tried to make partner,” she said. “This enabled me to do excellent work, but not spend time developing business or doing internal administrative tasks. I have four children and it was important to me to ensure they were getting what they needed from me.

“It important to recognize that everyone's path is not the same. Be mindful that your history and personal life may be different than others, so different decisions may be required. And there is nothing wrong with that.”

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