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UH Law Center alumna Megan Neel ‘16 launches solo health care compliance firm 

Megan Neel ’16

Megan Neel ’16

Aug. 12, 2019 — Megan Neel, a 2016 graduate of the University of Houston Law Center, recently started her own practice, Neel Law, PLLC, representing medical providers with compliance and general business needs.

“It's been a pretty good experience so far,” Neel said of her firm which she started in June “I make sure my clients’ businesses are set up properly, and that the flow of money is in compliance with federal laws. I’ve been representing a lot of smaller providers, although I have a few larger provider clients. I'm trying to expand more into general corporate governance, which I've been doing my entire legal career.”

Neel pointed to classes with Professors Barbara Evans and Jessica Mantel that helped deepen her knowledge of health law. She also said a course on health care fraud and abuse taught by an adjunct professor has been the most useful in her current practice. While attending the Law Center, Neel completed legal internships with the MD Anderson Cancer Center, the Baylor College of Medicine and Houston Methodist's Global Health Care Services.

Neel’s interest in the health care industry started when she was writing policies and HIPAA compliance procedures while working with the Louisiana Office of Group Benefits in 2002. She continued working in healthcare after she relocated to the Houston area, and completed her undergraduate education at the University of Houston. When it came time to select a law school, her research led her to the Law Center.

"I wanted to have a career in a growing field,” Neel said. “I did a lot of homework on the growth trajectory for healthcare attorneys, particularly those working in compliance. After I saw the Law Center had a top 10 health law program, I decided to attend UH, even though there are obviously two other schools in Houston that were options. I didn't even apply to them because I knew that this was my path."