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UHLC alum Gibson '98 juggles personal injury firm with burgeoning acting career 

Jason Gibson '98, right, discusses a scene with actor Anthony Hopkins on the set of the 2016 film "Misconduct."

June 30, 2016 — Jason Gibson understands the need for empathy in the field of trial advocacy. 

The 1998 alumnus of the University of Houston Law Center, is the founder of The Gibson Law Firm, which specializes in severe personal injury and wrongful death cases.

"One thing I've always been accused of is wearing my heart on my sleeve," Gibson said. "I really didn't know what that meant when people started saying that to me, but I know what it means now."

Gibson recently won a $54 million settlement for the family of Angel Garcia. Garcia was killed in a construction accident while renovations were being made to Texas A&M University's Kyle Field in December 2013. He was 28.

"I'm very passionate and compassionate about the families, or the individuals that I represent," Gibson said. "In this case in particular because my clients were a mother and two minor children. They're just the nicest people you'll ever meet. They were not treated with dignity in the case.

Jason Gibson ’98, right, discusses a scene with actor Anthony Hopkinson the set of the 2016 film “Misconduct.”

In addition to founding The Gibson Law Firm, University of Houston Law Center alumnus Jason Gibson '98 taught Trial Advocacy as an adjunct at the school from 2008-2009.

"To have a unanimous jury of all kinds of different people, to come together and say emphatically, 'You guys messed up not only a little bit, but big time.' It was very satisfying for the family. To them, it was really the principle of the matter. They walked out of the court feeling like they had some kind of vindication."

Gibson has also had success in cases that involve business disputes, consumer fraud, and toxic torts. When recalling his legal education at the Law Center, Gibson credits Professor David Crump, and specifically his Evidence class.

"What I remember is him not just teaching, but actually making students stand up and offer a piece of evidence into trial," Gibson said. "He went into the practical aspect of practicing law, and not just reading a case and briefing it."

With his law practice firmly established, Gibson has ventured into a second career of acting. He likens the adrenaline rush of performing to trying a case.

"My favorite part of practicing law is the feeling you get when you stand up to give your closing argument," Gibson said. "Everything comes together and you just give it all you have. It's the art of advocacy. It's being able to persuade people to do something that they came in the courtroom not wanting to do. Then you get rewarded.

"I get the same feeling stepping on set, and hearing 'Action!' The cameras are rolling, and you know you have to perform. Everybody is looking at you. I get the same feeling when I'm in front of a jury."

Gibson made his debut in "Blunt Force Trauma," a 2015 film with Academy Award nominee Mickey Rourke. His second appearance was in the 2016 film, "Misconduct," starring Academy Award winners Anthony Hopkins and Al Pacino.

"It was amazing having that experience, working with both of those actors," Gibson said. "They're two of the best who have ever existed. For my second movie out, to have the honor and privilege to work with those two was unbelievable. Some people wait a lifetime for that and it never happens." 

Gibson said he has three to four more potential roles lined up, and that he looks forward to continuing his foray into Hollywood.

"I'm gradually getting to where I need to go," he said. "I'm not making Anthony Hopkins or Al Pacino paychecks, and I'm not about to quit my job being a lawyer. For me, acting is just a challenge, and it's good to be challenged. It's exciting and it's something different. That's what I like about it."