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Rebecca Bresnik '08

Rebecca Bresnik '08

Drawing on more than ten years of experience in international law, Rebecca Bresnik '08 is using her University of Houston Law Center LL.M. to explore the new frontier of space law. As Assistant Chief Counsel for International Matters at NASA, she works closely with global partners negotiating international agreements relating to space exploration.

"It is an exciting time to practice international law and to work for NASA," Bresnik said during a presentation on space law at the Law Center. "We are seeing commercialization of the space industry. As lawyers, we will have to navigate through the challenges of the changing industry."

Bresnik says UH Law Center equipped her with important skills needed to meet the challenges of working in the rapidly evolving field of space law. She earned an LL.M. degree in International Law in 2008. 

"The LL.M. program was an invaluable and enriching experience," Bresnik said. "It allowed me to focus exclusively on the area of international law and to connect with very talented and diverse colleagues and professors."

Bresnik has an undergraduate at the University of Delaware in international affairs and Asian Studies and a Masters of Arts degree in Asian Studies from the University of Texas at Austin. She earned her Juris Doctorate from Rutgers School of Law.

Prior to joining NASA, Bresnik worked at the Pentagon in 2000 as Associate General Counsel for the Office of the General Counsel of the Air Force. She worked on a number of high-profile international armaments cooperation agreements involving interoperability for coalition warfare.

Throughout the years, Bresnik has been recognized for her achievements in the legal community as well as for her exceptional efforts in advancing U.S. interests as a civil servant.  She has been awarded the NASA Legal Group Award (2012), NASA Exceptional Achievement Medal (2011), Johnson Space Center Group Achievement Award (2008, 2011, 2012), Johnson Space Center Director's Commendation Award (2008), Superior Accomplishment Award, NASA (2007), Special Service Award for Exceptional Performance, Department of the Air Force (2003), and an Exemplary Civilian Service Award for Distinguished Performance from the Department of the Air Force (2002).

Her husband, Randolph Bresnik, performed two spacewalks as a shuttle astronaut.


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