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Alumni Spotlight

Branko Milosevic ‘06

For Branko Milosevic the study of law has taken him across the globe from Serbia to Houston. A Serbian native, Branko Milosevic earned his law degree at the University of Belgrade Faculty of Law in Belgrade. Deciding to continue his legal education, he came to the University of Houston Law Center in 2005 and began pursuing a Master of Laws degree. 

“The Foreign Scholar LL.M. program at the Law Center has been a unique opportunity to be directly exposed to the sophisticated structure of the U.S. law and have also allowed me to meet and exchange experiences and ideas with legal scholars from around the world,” Milosevic said.

Prior to enrolling into the LL.M. program, Milosevic served as a legal intern with the contracts division of the city of Houston Legal Department. Following the completion of his studies at the Law Center in 2006, he joined Houston-based Nevada Gold & Casinos, Inc. and served as the company’s corporate counsel since 2007.  Recently appointed as general counsel of Nevada Gold & Casinos, Inc., he has capitalized upon the skills he received from the Law Center.

“Spearheading a single-person legal department which oversees 11 multi-jurisdictional operating units with over 1,400 employees couldn’t be possible without the training received at the Law Center,” Milosevic said. “Classes such as Legal Research & Writing, Business Organizations and Mergers & Acquisitions have equipped me with invaluable skills I utilize in my practice on a daily basis.  I must say that, at times, I miss the good old days at the O’Quinn Library.”

Milosevic has also played an active role in bridging cultural boundaries between Serbia and the United States.  He is one of the founding members of the Serbian-American Chamber of Commerce of Houston, a non-profit organization aimed at promoting and developing economic and cultural relations between Serbia and the United States.  SACCH has hosted numerous speaker events on topics such as energy, modern medicine, and real estate.  SACCH has also sponsored the Medical Student Advancement Program, which was established by the Texas Heart Institute and the Medical School in Belgrade.  Milosevic serves as Director and Secretary of the SACCH.