Dean's Society

Levels of Recognition

Dean's Council

$20,000 to $24,999

Founders Council

$15,000 to $19,999

Leadership Council

$10,000 to $14,999

Scholars Council

$5,000 to $9,999

Fellows Council

$2,500* to $4,999

*Recent graduate donors (must be within ten years of graduation) that give $1000 or more during the calendar year will be listed as Fellows Council.

A.A. White
A.A. White

Newell Blakely
Newell Blakely

John B. Neibel
John B. Neibel
George Hardy
George Hardy
Robert L. Knauss
Robert L. Knauss
Stephen Zamora
Stephen Zamora
Nancy B. Rapoport
Nancy B. Rapoport
Raymond T. Nimmer
Raymond T. Nimmer
Leonard M. Baynes
Leonard M. Baynes

The Power of Legal Education

The University of Houston Law Center is an outstanding law school committed to providing our students with a superior legal education.  Our highly ranked programs by U.S. News and World Report, including Health Law and Policy (#2), Intellectual Property and Information Law (#8), and part-time program (#6), combined with our #50 ranking among top law schools, attract exceptional students year after year.  Our faculty and staff continue to raise the bar, while our strong alumni network exemplifies the excellence of a UH Law Center education throughout the world.

Dean Leonard M. Baynes has focused his deanship around the Power of Legal Education.  Dean Baynes envisions the Law Center as a resource-rich institution, where students are fundamentally transformed as they are taught to think like lawyers – to write precisely, to analyze rigorously, to advocate persuasively, and to conform to the highest professional standards.  The Power of Legal Education can be realized with the support of our alumni and friends.  The Law Fund, our unrestricted annual giving program, provides an opportunity for everyone to ensure the success of this vision.


What is the Dean's Society?

The Dean's Society is an integral force behind the Power of Legal Education.  The generous support of its members allows the Law Center to innovate and respond to emerging opportunities that will help the Law Center continue rising and be the best.  Members are called upon for their insight and input in order to make a meaningful impact in the quality and capabilities of the Law Center.  The Dean's Society provides a forum where everyone can make a difference.

Deriving its name from the continuum of leadership guiding the Law Center, the Dean's Society is the highest giving level of the Law Fund.  It recognizes the most exclusive group of alumni and friends devoted to providing significant unrestricted support to the Law Center each year.

For a list of our current Dean's Society members, click here.


Dean's Society Priorities

The flexible nature of the Law Fund allows Dean Baynes to direct funds to the highest priorities of the Law Center, including:

  • Increasing student scholarships to aggressively recruit our top applicants and retain our best students
  • Recruiting and retaining distinguished faculty with support for scholarly research and innovative teaching
  • Providing nationally-recognized academic programs that prepare our students to be practice-ready in whichever area they choose
  • Boosting student and career development services to equip students and graduates with the resources and skills to successfully take advantage of professional opportunities
  • Building relationships with our alumni that will produce greater opportunities for our students, as well as enable us to support our alumni in their careers
  • Addressing the challenges of our law facilities to manage current needs and plan for the future



Why have Dean's Society members made the Law Center a priority?

"When we gather at Dean's Society meetings, the people in the room clearly care about the Law Center.  Our gifts to the Law Fund are unrestricted, and they open the door to a wide range of possibilities to benefit students and faculty alike."
- Susan Bickley '84

"My Dean's Society gift is my way of thanking the Law Center for providing me the opportunities that helped to begin my legal career, and ensuring that current and future students continue to have those same opportunities."
- Cynthia Mabry '10


Recognition and Appreciation

As part of a unique group of Law Center donors, Dean's Society members enjoy benefits for their dedication to enhancing the UH Law education, including:

  • Reserved invitations to special dinners, receptions, lectures, and other events
  • Access to Dean Baynes and input on the Law Center's strategic direction
  • Special Recognition in the Honor Roll of Donors, Law Center website, and other publications


Levels of Recognition

Dean's Society members are recognized based on their giving level within the society.  Membership ranges from a minimum annual gift of $2,500, up to $24,999.

Dean's Council:                           $20,000 to $24,999
Founders Council:                      $15,000 to $19,999
Leadership Council:                    $10,000 to $14,999
Scholars Council:                        $5,000 to $9,999
Fellows Council:                         $2,500* to $4,999

*NEW! $1,000 for young alumni graduates of the last ten years.


Current Dean's Society Members

We are profoundly grateful to those who have made generous contributions and joined the Dean's Society.  For a list of our current Dean's Society members, click here.


Making Your Dean's Society Gift

ONLINE: To make a gift safely and securely online, please click here.  Be sure to designate your gift for the "Dean's Society".

MAIL: To make a gift by mail, click here and print out the Dean's Society donor form, complete the form, and send it to the address below:

University of Houston Law Center
Office of Law Alumni Relations
4604 Calhoun Road
Houston, Texas 77204-6060


Contact Us

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