“I derive tremendous gratification from knowing I am making a difference. Supporting scholarships for those who are talented and would otherwise be unable to attend law school is important because it helps ‘level the playing field’ and attracts a more diverse student base.” —Regina Rogers ’70The University of Houston Law Center is committed to attracting the best law students in the nation and providing them with the resources and support they need to be successful. High-achieving students are heavily recruited by top schools, and the availability of a scholarship can quickly influence a decision about which school to attend. Scholarship funding is the single most important factor in the Law Center’s effort to attract and retain top students and continue to graduate lawyers of the highest caliber.

As higher education costs continue to climb, law students and their families are frequently forced to assume large and potentially overwhelming levels of debt to pay for a law degree. Approximately __% of our students currently benefit from some form of financial aid, and our limited scholarship funds cannot cover all of our students’ financial needs. Recent tuition increases have helped raise revenue, but these increases have been offset by ongoing reductions in state allocations to higher education. The net effect of these developments adds a new imperative for the Law Center to quickly develop funding sources for additional scholarships.

In addition to scholarships, monetary awards are available to students who have distinguished themselves through their coursework and other activities. Award recipients include students who have written significant journal articles or have performed commendably in advocacy competitions. Other awards are granted to students who have demonstrated commitment to client service in a clinical setting, or have achieved the top grade in a specific course. The criteria for specific awards are established by donors, and the Office of External Affairs Awards can suggest a number of ways to honor or reward deserving students.


PRESTIGE SCHOLARSHIPS represent the best scholarship a student can receive: a “full ride” covering all the tuition and fees for three years of law school. Offered to exceptional incoming students, they are powerful tools that help the Law Center successfully compete against the nation’s top schools for the best and brightest candidates. Prestige Scholarships can be funded by a generous individual, but they also can be structured cooperatively so that teams of “sponsors” can support highly-qualified students.
The current cost for a Prestige Scholarship is $84,000 ($28,000 x 3 years, subject to change).

LL.M. SCHOLARSHIPS are gifts leveraged by the Law Center to allow lawyers trained in other countries to attend our Foreign LL.M. Program at resident-tuition cost. Foreign scholars increase the diversity of our programs and connect our campus and Houston to a global network of future leaders.
Costs of these scholarships range from $25,000 to $35,000.

ENDOWED SCHOLARSHIPS AND AWARDS provide ongoing financial support to deserving Law Center students. Named and distributed according to a donor’s wishes, these named scholarships ensure that a single act of generosity will continue to reach and be appreciated by generations to come.
These scholarships and awards typically involve an investment of $25,000+.


HONOR OR MEMORIAL FUNDS recognize the exceptional accomplishments and unique qualities of an individual. Named funds create legacies that provide support for future students, and honorees or their families are afforded the opportunity to meet the students who benefit from these generous gifts. Honor or memorial funds typically involve an investment of $5,000 to $25,000+.

FACULTY LEGACY FUND honors faculty members and benefits current students through scholarship support. Faculty members and their families are notified of your gifts, which can be in any amount.

ATTRACTING TOP STUDENTS FUND provides general scholarship support to recruit exceptional students to the Law Center. Gifts to this fund may be in any amount.

ENDOWED STUDENT SUMMER INTERNSHIP FUNDS encourage student involvement in public interest work by providing stipends for summer internships at non-profit legal advocacy institutions. These funds typically involve an investment of $100,000.

STUDENT SUMMER INTERNSHIP FUNDS underwrite a single stipend for a student to complete a summer internship with a non-profit legal advocacy group. These one-time funds can be established for $2500.

ANNUAL STUDENT AWARDS provide students with additional financial resources to pay their educational expenses. Individual awards are based on criteria of excellence or interest agreed to by the Law Center and each donor.
Dean’s Level $5,000 and above
General Level $1,500 and above

For more information on how you can invest SCHOLARSHIPS AND AWARDS at the University of Houston Law Center, please contact Kathy Brannon, Assistant Dean for External Affairs, at 713.743.2089 or