LLM Costs for Fall 2017 through Spring 2018

Estimated Tuition and Fees for LLM Students Fall 2017 - Spring 2018

Full Time   Resident Non-Resident
Fall (12 hours) $14,531.00 $20,351.00
Spring (12 hours) $14,531.00 $20,351.00
Academic Year (24 hours) $29,062.00 $40,702.00


International Students (students on any type of visa) are also required to pay:

University Int'l Orientation Fee (one time fee) $75.00
University Int'l Student Service Fee (per semester) $85.00
Medical Health Insurance (per semester) $837-$1334
Parking (annually) $345.00


Tuition and fees are estimates and are subject to change.

Tuition and Fee Charts

LLM- Beginning fall 2014 through summer 2016

LLM - Beginning Fall 2016

LLM - Beginning Fall 2017

For tuition purposes, Texas residency and U.S. residency are not the same. Go to http://www.uh.edu/admissions/admitted/residency-requirements/  for more information.

Admitted students who require documentation (I-20) for an F-1 student visa will be asked to provide financial backing documentation to show financial support for tuition, fees, living expenses, housing, books and health insurance.


A limited number of merit scholarships are available to each entering class. All admitted students are automatically considered for a merit scholarship and no separate application is required. Scholarship amounts vary in amount and number. Scholarships are for one academic year, only, and are not renewable. If you are an out of state resident and receive a merit scholarship, you will receive an in-state tuition waiver.
The following factors are considered when awarding merit scholarships:

Applicant's law school academic record
If applicable, applicant's TOEFL or IELTS score
Applicant's recommendation letters
Applicant's personal statement
Other relevant qualifications

Scholarships are paid in two equal installments, one each for the fall and the spring semester. No payment is made for summer enrollment. The scholarship is applied to the student's university financial account.

Payment Information