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Financial Aid Exit Counseling for UH Law Center Graduates

Financial Aid Exit Counseling

Federal regulations require all graduating students that borrowed either a Federal Direct Subsidized and/or Unsubsidized Loan(s) and Graduate Plus Loan(s) to complete Exit Counseling upon graduation, withdrawing from the law program, or dropping below six (6) credit hours of enrollment in any semester. Be sure to print/save any confirmation notices for your records.

Helpful Information and Links as You Prepare for Repayment:

Students can view all Federal loans (sub/unsub/grad plus/Perkins) at The National Student Loan Data System (NSLDS).  This is the U.S. Department of Education's (ED) central record for student aid. It contains data from schools, guaranty agencies, the Federal Direct Loan (Direct Loan) program, and other U.S. Department of Education programs. The NSLDS database provides a centralized, integrated view of federal student aid loans and grants that are tracked through their entire lifecycle from aid approval through disbursement and repayment (if applicable). To access, utilize your FSA log in. Private loan information can be viewed via a credit report.

The consequences of defaulting (failing to pay according to your loan contract) on a federal student loan are severe and long lasting (i.e. unable to renew your law license, wages garnished, or federal income tax refund could be applied to your student loan balance instead of being refunded, etc.). It is the responsibility of the student to stay in contact with the loan servicer(s) of federal loan(s) and to make payments on time to prevent default. 

Repayment Options for Your Federal Student Loans Department of Education - Information you need to manage repayment of your federal student loans. Student contact number 800-848-0979.

Public Service Loan Forgiveness (federal loans) - Some federal loans have forgiveness programs for teachers, nurses, and other public service professions. Ask the US Department of Education for info on those programs at 800-848-0979.

Texas Access to Justice Repayment Assistance Program
Some additional information can be found at the following links.

Loan Consolidation (federal loans) - You can apply for a Direct Consolidation Loan through For more information, please visit this website or contact the Loan Consolidation Information Call Center at 1-800-557-7394.

Loan Repayment Resources:
With graduation just a few months away, make sure you know about the resources to help you create a loan repayment strategy that works for your individual circumstances: