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Prior Recipients - Sponsored Scholarship Grants for the Legal Academy

YVETTE JOY LIEBESMAN 2015 YVETTE JOY LIEBESMAN, Saint Louis University School of Law
Sean Pager 2014 SEAN PAGER, Michigan State University College of Law
Ryan Vacca 2013 RYAN VACCA, University of Akron School of Law
NEIL RICHARDS 2012 NEIL RICHARDS, Washington University School of Law (St. Louis)
MARY LaFRANCE 2011 MARY LaFRANCE, University of Nevada, William S. Boyd School of Law
SHUBHA GHOSH 2010 SHUBHA GHOSH, University of Wisconsin School of Law
ANNEMARIE BRIDY 2009 ANNEMARIE BRIDY, University of Idaho College of Law
CHRIS COTROPIA 2008 CHRIS COTROPIA, University of Richmond School of Law