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20th Anniversary Logo Institute for Intellectual Property & Information Law

JUNE 3 – 5, 2016

(Back Row: L-R) Kristelia García (Colorado), Irene Kosturakis (BMC Software),
Jacqueline Lipton (IPIL/Houston), Greg R. Vetter (IPIL/Houston), Rebecca Curtin (Suffolk),
Andres Sawicki (Miami), Craig Joyce (IPIL/Houston),
Hon. Jon Newman (U.S. Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit), Dave Fagundes (IPIL/Houston),
Jennifer Robichaux (EIC, Houston Law Review), Meg Boulware (Boulware & Valoir)

(Front Row: L-R) William Fisher (Harvard), Molly Shaffer Van Houweling (Berkeley),
Shyamkrishna Balganesh (Pennsylvania), Pam Samuelson (Berkeley),
David Sun (Beihang University, Beijing)

Class in session for Authorship in America (and Beyond)

Shyamkrishna Balganesh talks about The Folklore and Symbolism of Authorship in American Copyright Law

Judge Jon Newman

Pam Samuelson

William (Terry) Fisher

Molly Shaffer Van Houweling

Van Houweling discusses Authors Versus Owners

David Sun

Judge Jon Newman and David Sun

Molly Shaffer Van Houweling and Andres Sawicki

Rebecca Curtin

Andres Sawicki and Kristelia García

Meg Boulware, Jacqueline Lipton, and Jennifer Robichaux

Dave Fagundes

(L-R) Judge Jon Newman, Dave Fagundes, Craig Joyce, Irene Kosturakis, Andres Sawicki,
Rebecca Curtin, Peter Menell (Berkeley), Greg R. Vetter,
Pam Samuelson, Kristelia García, Shyamkrishna Balganesh

Greg R. Vetter and Irene Kosturakis

Rebecca Curtin and Shyamkrishna Balganesh discuss the presentations at the Saturday evening dinner hosted by Meg Boulware

David Sun and Craig Joyce

Meg Boulware (UHLC '75) and Hartley Hampton (UHLC '77) with Craig Joyce