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Government and Nonprofit Externship Program

Through participation in the Externship Programs, students can earn academic credit for work with a nonprofit organization, a government agency, or a member of the judiciary. LL.M. students may be eligible for the program on a case‐by-case basis.

Why should I seek an externship placement? How do I apply for a placement? How do I receive academic credit? Student Spotlight

Student Sportlight

Government and Nonprofit Extern Student Spotlight

[Externing with the Department of Veterans Affairs is a] great exposure to Federal Agencies. The cases are interesting. They are real people with real claims.
Some of my most memorable experiences were conference calls with one of the administrative judges.

- Clayton Suitt, Extern, Department of Veterans Affairs, Spring 2014

Student learns from observation

We had a short docket today, so I went to watch the Jessica Tata trial. It turns out the case is a large media case and is held in the “Ceremonial Courtroom.” The case really saddened me and reconfirmed my underlying reasoning for not wanting to pursue criminal law – it is so draining, and, especially when children are involved, it’s a game changer.

As a young person myself, I envision Tata had numerous dreams for herself, not including a life in prison, but as her defense attorney, Mike DeGuerin, suggested, "People have an emotional reaction without knowing all the facts. That's the hardest thing," I wholeheartedly agree – while I believe in justice under the law, it is difficult to overlook the fact that these little lives did not have a chance to live - how is any defense reasonable after that?

(This student got a taste of what life would be like as a local prosecutor, and realized it is not a career path she wishes to follow. Had she not have done this externship, she might not have known that about herself until she was already working – unhappily -- at a similar type of job.)

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