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Military Justice Clinic

Service Members and Veterans: 

  • Are you a current service member facing UCMJ criminal charges or other adverse action, including separation?
  • Are you a veteran working to upgrade your characterization of service or appeal adverse action that occurred during your service?
  • Do you need an expert legal opinion on matters related to the military justice system?
  • Interested in no-cost legal representation?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, complete the application today.


The Military Justice Clinic allows current UHLC students interested in representing deserving service members and veterans facing criminal charges under the UCMJ and other adverse actions by assisting experienced faculty members in these cases.   Student involvement, once assigned to a defense team, will begin with client intake and end upon adjudication of the case.  Clinic coursework will consist of a classroom component and a practical component.  Some clinical representation may involve travel to non-local military installations.

Since the inception of the Military Justice Clinic at the University of Houston Law Center, we have worked tirelessly to achieve numerous victories for our clients.

Our staff and students have helped our service member and veteran clients by:

  • Representing clients in court-martial proceedings, including the successful dismissal of homicide charges and retention at General Court-Martial.
  • Challenging derogatory investigations and letters of reprimand, leading to withdrawal or local filing in multiple cases.
  • Reinstating suspended promotions based on unfounded allegations of misconduct.
  • Successfully fighting for retirement at highest rank held for service members accused of misconduct.
  • Advocating for discharge upgrades for veterans discharged in adverse administrative separations and courts-martial.

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Jason Marquez, Clinical Director and Adjunct Clinical Professor

As an Army Judge Advocate, Professor Marquez served as a prosecutor, senior prosecutor, defense attorney, senior defense attorney, and deputy regional defense attorney.  During his tenure as an active duty trial attorney in the JAG Corps., Professor Marquez prosecuted and represented clients in all manner of cases, ranging from mail fraud to capital murder in both military and federal court.  With over 20 years of combined service, Prof. Marquez continues to serve in the U.S. Army Reserve as a Lieutenant Colonel.