University of Houston Law Center
Clinical Legal Education Program
4604 Calhoun Road
Houston, TX 77204-6060

Directions to the UH Law Center

Room 56, TU2 (Ground Floor)

Phone 713.743.2094
Fax     713.743.2195

Clinical Faculty

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Janet Heppard
Director, Clinical Legal Education Program
Director, Civil Practice Clinic
Associate Clinical Professor

Christopher Heard
Director, Entrepreneurship and Community Development Clinic
Assistant Clinical Professor

Jeffrey King
Adjunct Clinical Professor, ECDC

Geoffrey Hoffman
Director, Immigration Clinic
Associate Clinical Professor

Richard McElvaney
Director, Consumer Law Clinic
Director, Center for Consumer Law
Associate Clinical Professor

Ryan Marquez
Professor of Practice
Director, Hurricane Harvey Consumer Law Project

Timothey Sullivan
Legal Clinic Supervisor

Diane M. McManus
Clinical Supervising Attorney, Civil Practice Clinic

Josephine Sorgwe
Clinical Supervising Attorney, Immigration Clinic

Rosemary Vega
Clinical Lecturer, Immigration Clinic

Tasha Willis
Director, Mediation Clinic
Director, ADR
Associate Clinical Professor

Erik Locascio
Adjunct Clinical Professor, Criminal Practice Clinic

Professional Staff

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Thelma M. Baines
Program Manager, Clinical Legal Education Program

Blanca Orellana
Executive Secretary, Clinical Legal Education Program

Judy Clark
Program Manager, Mediation Clinic