Mediation Clinic/ Externship

ADR Director, Assistant Clinical Professor Tasha Willis

The Mediation Clinic provides trained student mediators to the Justice Courts in Harris County.  Students mediate consumer issues, landlord/tenant disputes and breach of contract cases while developing their mediation and communication skills. 

The students serve as court-appointed mediators in small claims court or as mediators at the Greater Houston BBB.  In some of the cases, attorneys represent parties.  Students are observed by a faculty member and given periodic feedback. 

The Mediation Clinic has a classroom component. The classroom component is intended to provide the students with further mediation training, scheduling into courts and the BBB, and discussion of cases mediated and 40 hours of mediation certification training.

The Mediation Clinic/ Externship is a 2 or 3 unit Pass/Fail Externship course which must be taken in conjunction with the 1 credit hour graded Mediation Process Class.  Prerequisite: Good Academic Standing and 40 hours of mediation certification training.