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6372 Analytic Methods
This course will develop students’ skills in analytic methods likely to be used in the practice of law. The skills emphasized will be (1) statistics, which is often useful in analyzing data and examining expert witnesses; (2) decision analysis, often used both by business people and useful to lawyers making strategic decisions; (3) finance, frequently used in transactional law as well as litigation; (4) game theory, critical in analyzing situations in which you are up against an adversary; and (5) economic analysis of law, useful in creating mechanisms likely to lead to desired behavior as well as analysis of regulations.

5397 Computational Law
This course examines ways in which computation can be used to aid the study of legal issues. Topics studied include statistics, finance, actuarial finance, decision theory, game theory, computational linguistics, network theory, data mining, optimization, and complexity theory. Students will be responsible for creating a project illustrating the use of one or more of these techniques in analyzing a problem relevant to law. Use of the Mathematica programming language and creation of "Demonstrations" or CDF format documents will be strongly encouraged. Prerequisite: Analytic Methods for Lawyers or instructor's permission.