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Universidad Panamericana

Universidad Panamericana: Mexico City, Mexico

The Universidad Panamericana School of Law has been considered among the three best law schools in Mexico. As one of Mexico’s most prestigious law schools, UP is conscious of the importance of international relations and boasts academic agreements with over 25 foreign law schools in 12 different countries.

The Universidad Panamericana was founded by a group of prominent businessmen in 1968 and the School of Law was opened in 1970. The predecessor of our university, the prestigious School of Business and Management, IPADE, ranked among the best ten on MBA by the Financial Times.

The quality of the academic program and the reputation of UP Faculty is evident by the results of its graduates. UP graduates are partners and associates of the most influential and prominent law firms or work in the most important private companies. The public sector is not unaware of the lawyers who have graduated from the Universidad Panamericana School of Law. They work in key positions on different State Departments; at the judicial level, in the National Supreme Court of Justice, Federal Electoral Tribunal, and also in the legislature as Governors of States.

The Universidad Panamericana takes special care in the ethical formation of our students by showing them that a successful lawyer in the practice of the law must combine their legal knowledge with moral principles and the ideal of justice. The first years of the academic plan is specially designed to develop important abilities such as oratory, study habits, written skills and legal argumentation. UP is the only Faculty of Law in Mexico that uses the case-study method to improve these abilities.

UP has relations with private companies, the public sector, and more than 230 law firms – a presence both national and worldwide giving graduates the best start for their professional careers. UP graduates not only know legislation and its applicable procedures, but also understand vital concepts like justice and equity. They know that in order to solve judicial problems they have to search other law sources like jurisprudence, the doctrine and international law.

If you consider yourself a leader and want to use law to improve the economical, political, and social environment in order to benefit the community, consider studying at UP.

Specialties & Programs

Besides having the best academic law plan in Mexico, which will allow you to have a world-class legal education, the following are UP’s most recognized fields:

  • Tax Law
  • Civil Law
  • Ethics and Human Rights Law
  • International Law
  • Roman Law and History Law
  • Constitutional Law & State and Political Science
  • Administrative Law
  • Company Law
  • Intellectual Property

Instituto Panamericana de Jurisprudencia: Our professors are remarkable scholars and lawyers, with recognized prestige in the legal community. This academic community is fully devoted to teaching, researching and practicing of law. Their works over the last twenty years have been published by the specialized legal magazine, Ars Iuris, featuring high-level law studies about the most influencing issues in the legal profession, as well as commentaries on law reforms.

Postgraduate Department: Specializations: Thirteen updating programs designed to offer lawyers constant academic and practice preparation in areas such as:

  • Administrative Law
  • Amparo Law
  • Civil Law
  • Tax Law
  • Intellectual Property
  • Corporate Law
  • Labour Law

Master Programs: Planned for more experience lawyers. Experts and recognize international and national professors using the case-method system, transfer their experiences of how they have solve and prevent real legal problems, offering the students the opportunity to perfect their theory and practice knowledge. Our programs are:

  • Constitutional Process Law
  • Administrative Law
  • Tax Law
  • Corporate Law

Doctorate: We offer two different options at this level. A research doctorate, design to guide specially academics interested in elaborate an original scientific investigation. Tax Law Doctorate: This program is conjunctly develop with the University of Salamanca, Spain, and represents the higher achievement for those dedicated to tax law.

The Bufete Jurdico Gratuito Social: The Bufete Jurdico Gratuito Social is a Legal Clinic created by the Law Faculty to provide free legal services to people who cannot afford a private lawyer. As a student, you have the opportunity to practice areas like civil law, family law, leasing, administrative and criminal law, while you provide a valuable service to your community.

Life in Mexico City

Located at Mixcoacs neighborhood, UP Law Faculty is the best option for international students. It is connected by many ways: plenty of trolley and bus routes; major avenues like Insurgentes, Churubusco and Revolucin; a line of subway system; and a express bus line. All the previous transportation methods will help you to arrive at UP Law Faculty faster in a great and big city like this.

Mexico City is one of the favorite cities to come as an exchange student because of its ethnical and cultural mixture. It is placed in a valley with a mild climate with showers in the summer. Temperature fluctuates between 5C to 28C along the year, depending on the month. It has lots of theatres, museums, parks and historical sites. Mexico City is called the city of palaces, and that’s true. You won’t have to walk far to discover churches, palaces, historical ancient buildings, and modern landmarks that will show you more about our civilization.

There are countless styles of entertainment for every way of life in Mexico City, so you’ll easily find the one that adjusts to yours. Classical neighborhoods and public squares, the downtown, pubs, cafes, restaurants and nightclubs are some of the attractions you will be able to visit if you come here for an exchange. You can also visit famous typical market places and contemporary shopping malls. And if you are looking for something thrilling why you can go for a ride in a roller coaster at a theme park; but if you wish to slow down for awhile, get into one of the many concerts that take place in the city during the year, or play sports in one of the many parks and gyms of the city. Mexico City is also linked by interstate highways with the rest of the country allowing you to visit popular and beautiful cities like Cuernavaca, Puebla and Quertaro.