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Advanced Training Courses in Energy Law for Mexican Professionals


Mexico's energy reforms, which were adopted in 2013 and enforced in 2014, have stirred the oil and gas industry in the U.S. and elsewhere. Creating momentous interest and excitement in lucrative foreign investment opportunities. However, Mexico's energy reforms also create a challenge for Mexico's petroleum industry, which has grown in isolation of the regulatory and market forces that operate in most of the world. Both in the public and private sectors, lawyers and other professionals have being asked to deal with complex legal models that have not been used in Mexico previously.

To help Mexico to compete in this new, competitive market, the Center for U.S. and Mexican Law (US-MEX LAW) partners with several academic Centers and companies.

US-MEX LAW partners with Energy, Environment and Natural Resources Center (EENR), also at the University of Houston Law Center, to offer training courses for Mexican professionals to gain a better understanding of the oil and gas industry, petroleum economics, the energy reform in Mexico, and key subjects of  modern oil and gas regulation and contracting. 

US-MEX LAW has partnered also with the Center for Energy and Natural Resources (Centro de Energia y Recursos Naturales) at ITAM University in Mexico City, with ITAM's Center for Energy and Natural Resources.