Visiting Scholars

Visiting ScholarsPictured with Dean Leonard Baynes, Associate Dean Marcilynn Burke, Professor Greg Vetter, Professor Ellen Marrus and Peggy Fortner, Director of the Graduate Legal Studies program.

Spring 2017 Visiting Scholar Research Projects

Ali Altintas (Turkey)
Administration of justice

Jinik Chae (Korea)
Trade-related Intellectual Property; Bank Gurantees

Jongsun Choi (Korea)
United States Patent Trial Practices

Ricardo Dias (Brazil)
A Comparative and Empirical Perspective of the Brazilian and North American Criminal Procedure

Deming Haung (China)
International Legal Protection of Overseas Interest and State Interests Abroad

Jianxin Hu (China)
Intellectual Property

Zhi Li (China)
Study of Sport Autonomy and Sports Dispute Settlement Mechanisms

Rubi Lin (China)
Criminal and Police Law

Cesar Mata Garcia (Venezuela)
A Comparative Legal Framework between American (Texas) and Venezuelan Hydrocarbon Law

Daniela Moyses (Brazil)
A Comparative and Empirical Perspective of Brazilian and North American Criminal Procedure

Aliz Nagyvaradi (Hungary)
Children's Rights Regulation and Legislation in the U.S.

Jiang Rong (China)
Copyright Collective Management System from a Comparative Perspective

Qing Shang (China)
Study on the Legal System and Practice of Agricultural Trade Promotion in the United States

Min Yin (China)
Regional Trade Agreements: Comparing American and European Cross-Regional Trade Agreement

Chunmin Yu (China)
The Protection of the Financial Consumer

Jianhui Zhu (China)
Improvement of Patent Quality and the Perfection of Chinese Patent Law

Each year the University of Houston Law Center hosts visiting foreign scholars to help them continue their legal research in Houston. Since 2008, the school has welcomed more than 56 scholars from 19 countries – with interest and applications increasing each year. 

Most visiting scholars are funded by their university, home government, or through organizations such as Fulbright International.  When possible, scholars should plan to begin their visit in August or January.  Visitors may apply at any time, but should allow a minimum of two months for the University of Houston to process paperwork and issue visa documents.

Here’s how to apply:

The Law Center is unable to accommodate additional Visiting Scholars for the current year.  Scholars interested in visiting the Law Center should  email a request to GVetter@Central.UH.EDU after January 1, 2018. 

  • Dates of visit
  • Description of research
  • Resume or curriculum vitae
  • Funding source

The school provides shared office space, and access to the law library and Internet.  Visiting scholars may, with approval, audit a class when the time of their visit coincides with the beginning of a semester. The Law Center may be unable to accommodate all requests.