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FAQs for the Legal English Certificate (LEC) Program

1. Do I need a law degree or have to be in the legal profession to take the LEC program?

A law degree is not required, nor do you have to be engaged or be active in the practice of law.

2. Is the LEC program only for those applying, or have been accepted, to UHLC LL.M. programs?

You do not need to be an applicant or a candidate for the LL.M.. The LEC program is designed for any student, paralegal, lawyer, official, or any individual seeking to gain a solid footing and advantage in the legal industry in the United States.

3. Will the LEC program count as credit towards my masters of law or LL.M.?

A Certificate of Completion will be awarded upon successful completion of the LEC, but it will not be transferrable as credit towards a masters of law or LL.M. degree.

4. If I am not successful in the LEC program can I still apply to the LL.M. program?

Whether or not you complete the LEC program, you can still apply to the UHLC LL.M. program. Please note that if you are successful, you will be deemed to have the basic language proficiency level to apply. To ensure the strongest application possible, however, you may want to consider taking an English language proficiency exam (again) after successfully completing the LEC program.

5. What actions are needed to complete an application?

You will first need to answer all the questions on the application form, and then provide (i) government issued identification (i.e. passport or driving license) and (ii) an English language proficiency test score. To apply, please follow this link: Application Link

6. Why is a language proficiency test needed?

The LEC program will seek to advance your proficiency in English by enhancing and sharpening your understanding and utilization of the English language in a specialized and competitive industry. Thus, a basic foundation is needed. A score report issued by IELTS, TOEFL or Duolingo would be most helpful to establish a base upon which you can build and hone your English skills for the legal system in the United States.

7. What does the LEC program teach?

The LEC program will teach written English, oral communication, English comprehension, and legal language. As a consequence, students will learn a methodology to respond to typical questions given in a law class or seminar.

8. How much does it cost?

The total cost is USD$999 and non-refundable. This amount may be paid in full, or in two portions: (1) USD$100 non-refundable deposit followed by (2) USD$899 non-refundable balance payment.

9. How do I make payment?

Once your application is approved, you will receive information so you can make payment. You should do so as soon as possible as your place in the LEC program will not be confirmed until full payment is received.

10. Are payments refundable?

No refunds are available. If you have to cancel your participation and if necessary to do so, you may be allowed to move your participation to a different date, if space is available.

11. Are there any technical requirements?

All class sessions will be conducted online via MS Teams, and will require a device, preferably tablet or computer, with a microphone and video camera.

12. Will class sessions be recorded for students in different time zones?

Most sessions will be synchronous and require a student participate when class is in session.

13. What if I have additional questions?

Please contact


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