20th Anniversary Logo Institute for Intellectual Property & Information Law


(February 5, 2010)

Left to Right: Joaquin Jose Diokno Escay (Philippines), Paul Janicke (Univ. of Houston Law Center), Dr. Fredericka Sala Illiasu (Ghana), Craig Joyce (Univ. of Houston Law Center), Sapna Kumar (Univ. of Houston Law Center), Capt. Khaled Hussein Youssef (Lebanon), Dr. Gusztav Bacher (Hungary), Roger Ken Fong Chin (Malaysia), Not Pictured: Pamela Waithira Mburu (Kenya).

The U.S. Department of State has outlined the following specific goals for this program:

  • To promote an appreciation for the rule of law in the global trade and business communities;
  • To encourage accountability of the public and private sectors in implementing intellectual property protections in countries and businesses worldwide; and
  • To examine the impact of technology on intellectual property protection and the development of new IPR laws and policies to respond to the growth of the Internet and digital technologies.

International Visitor Leadership Program Visits the Law Center
UHLC faculty Craig Joyce, Paul Janicke, Sapna Kumar, and Greg Vetter meeting with the international visitors

International Visitor Leadership Program Visits the Law Center
Paul Janicke leads the discussion