20th Anniversary Logo Institute for Intellectual Property & Information Law

About IPSO

IPSO is the Law Center's organization for students interested in intellectual property and information law. The group is dedicated to helping its members and provides ample professional networking opportunities in collaboration with the Law Center’s Institute for Intellectual Property and Information Law (IPIL) and the greater Houston law community. IPSO hosts campus speaking events featuring leading Houston attorneys and facilitates several off campus events as well. IPSO assists its members with their employment search; maintains an active IPSO alumni outreach; and provides mentoring to incoming Law Center students to help them leverage their strengths and avoid the common pitfalls of law school. For more about IPSO, see this link.

IPSO History

President                                Matt Metcalfe
External Vice President         Falkner Werkhaven
Internal Vice President          Khanh Nguyen
Events Coordinator               Michael Aragon
Treasurer                               Sarah Husbands
Secretary                               Iris Hill
Head Representative            Hayden Anthony
Webmaster                          David Cruz
3L Representative                 Anna Boyer
2L Representative                 Sean Jensen
President Jaime Stark
External Vice President Mike Mullen
Internal Vice President Matt Metcalfe
Events Coordinator Khanh Nguyen
Treasurer Sarah Husbands
Secretary Michael Aragon
Head Representative Falkner Werkhaven
Webmaster  David Cruz
3L Representative Vikas Atmakuri
2L Representative Hayden Anthony
President Sarah Luther
External Vice President Collin Marshall
Internal Vice President Sean Belding
Events Coordinator Mike Mullen
Treasurer Jaime Stark
Secretary Shaleez Ozlat
Head Representative Oren Draznin
Webmaster  Jorge Zamora
3L Representative Jorge Zamora
2L Representative Vikas Atmakuri
President Kyle Miiller
VP of External Affairs Anastasia Dodd
VP of Internal Affairs Sarah Luther
Events Director Sarah Roark
Treasurer Liz Gray
Secretary Collin Marshall
Webmaster Jorge Zamora
Head Representative Amanda Cardwell
3L Representative (Fall) Jennifer Robichaux
3L Representative (Spring) Tera Stone
2L Representative Matt Melancon
President Tim Busse
VP of External Affairs Tera Stone
VP of Internal Affairs Kyle Miiller
Events Director Sarah Roark
Treasurer Logan Lorson
Secretary Liz Gray
Webmaster Amanda Cardwell
Head Representative Jennifer Robichaux
3L Representative Steve Maule
2L Representative Anastasia Dodd
President Palak Shah
VP of Intellectual Property Programming Krista Chan
VP of Information Law Programming Emily Mott
VP of Mentorship Rose Badruddin
Treasurer Logan Lorson
Secretary Steve Maule
Webmaster Marcus Rabinowitz
Head Representative Tim Busse
3L Representative Matt Cameron
President Dino Arslanagic
VP of Intellectual Property Programming Erik Janitens
VP of Information Law Programming Palak Shah
VP of Mentorship Brandon Bludau
Treasurer James Sinton
Secretary Jake Schultz
Head Representative Travis Dubose
Webmaster Krista Chan
3L Representative Fei Ji
2L Representative Jeff Guinn
President Jeffery Adams
VP of Programming Priya Prasad
VP of Events Dino Arslanagic
VP of Mentorship Travis Dubose
Secretary Will Monticello
Treasurer Brandon Bludau
Webmaster Fei Jei
Head Representative Dave Mika
3L Representative Dan Znidersic
2L Representative Jason Schultz
President Sujohn Das
VP of Programming Lale Korkmaz
VP of Events Nick Floyd
VP of Mentorship Justen Barks
VP of Moot Court Jeff Chi
Treasurer Dave Mika
Secretary Will Monticello
Webmaster Priya Prasad
Head Representative Kourtney Schroeder
3L Representative Brittany Morris-Easley
2L Representative Dan Znidersic
Evening Representative Nick Kliewer