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UHLC 3L Haekyong Min secures two energy law scholarships from The Foundation for Natural Resources and Energy Law

UHLC 3L Haekyong Mi

UHLC 3L Haekyong Min

Oct. 06, 2023 — Third-year University of Houston Law Center student Haekyong Min was awarded two scholarships from The Foundation for Natural Resources and Energy Law to pursue her academic and professional goals of working in the energy sector.

“This scholarship is more than money to me,” Min said. “It is proof that I am on the right track, and I feel very supported. It is evidence that I am doing the right thing.”

Born in Guam and raised in Korea, Min said that she was fascinated by natural and renewable energies. After researching higher education, she traveled to Houston, the energy capital of the world, to pursue her law degree at UH Law Center.

“It was a big decision coming to Houston from Korea, but I wanted to pursue a J.D., and my dual citizenship in both Korea and the U.S. facilitated the decision making,” Min said. “Energy transition is an important and complicated agenda in Korea since the country heavily relies on importation of foreign resources. As I pondered upon ways I could contribute to solving Korea’s energy issues, I became interested in studying abroad to learn foreign energy solutions and experience multinational energy projects.”

Chosen from law students across the country, Min received $20,500 in scholarships, including an $11,500 Foundation Scholarship and a $9,000 Equality and Inclusion Scholarship.

“There are a lot of scholarship opportunities to choose from through school and outside organizations and knowing that I wanted to specialize in energy helped me decide which scholarship opportunity to apply for,” Min said.

Min, an active member of the Energy and Environmental Law Society, highlighted that involvement in student organizations or groups is important not only to develop and maintain relationships with like-minded colleagues and professors that could later influence a student’s career trajectory but also to seek profitable opportunities such as internships, scholarships and grants within the energy field. Min noted that it was the EELS’ mailing list that alerted her when the scholarship was posted.

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