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Spring 2013
5310 White Collar Crime - MOOHR- 38536
Added 10-9-12

Professor(s): Geraldine Moohr (EMERTI)

Credits: 3

Course Areas: Constitutional and Criminal Law 

Time: 2:30p-4:00p  TTh  Location: 213  BLB

Course Outline: White Collar Crime is non-violent, economically motivated conduct that occurs in the course of work, or business operations. Focussing on federal crimes, the course includes traditional offenses, such as fraud; regulatory offenses, such as environmental crime, and group offenses such as RICO. Students also analyze issues raised by white collor crime, such as criminal liability of corporations, managerial liability, and prosecutorial discretion. The course is recommended to students who plan to represent business clients and to those who plan careers in criminal law.

Course Syllabus: Syllabus pdf

Course Notes:   

Prerequisites: No  

First Day Assignments: For the first day, you are required to have watched “Quiz Show,” a movie about a white collar crime that we will discuss on the first day of class. There are copies on reserve in the library for your use (please return them promptly) and the film is available on Netflix and other sources.

Also, read pages 1-38 in the text.

Final Exam Schedule: 05/02 1-4pm  144 TU2    

This course will have:
Exam: Yes

Satisfies Skills Course Requirement: No
Satisfies Senior Upper Level Writing Requirement: No

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