How can I check to make sure I’m on schedule to graduate?

Degree Audit/Check - We highly recommend/encourage all students to make an appointment with one of the Student Services Staff, Sharon Nellums-Goosby ( or Derrick Gabriel ( to have a degree audit/check completed before your last semester. This is the only way to make sure that you know exactly what you will need to graduate.  Email either staff member to set an appointment and prior to your appointment, fill out and print the Graduation Check form ( Note: LLM students must contact Nathan Neely for a Graduation Check/Review,

Degree Requirements  –  You will find the degree requirements in the Student Handbook ( ).   

Credits -  90 hours are required for graduation with 2.33 minimum GPA.    In addition to the 1st year required curriculum, each student must complete the following courses at the Law Center to graduate:

Professional Responsibility Course  – 3-hour Professional Responsibility course must be taken and a passing grade received.

Upper Level Writing Requirement - Students entering before Fall 2013 can satisfy this requirement by completing the requirements for the following student publications: Law Review, HJIL, Business and Tax Law Journal, Houston Journal of Health Law and Policy, or Texas Consumer Law Journal.

Students entering in Fall 2013 or after can only satisfy this requirement, (1) by completing a writing seminar (designated by prefix “WRS”) and earning a grade of “C” or better; or (2) by taking a writing course (designated by the prefix “WRC”) and earning a grade of “C” or better.  See the Student Handbook more information.

Required Practice Skills Course  – Students must take and pass a course that satisfies the “Practice Skills” requirement.  The courses that satisfy this requirement are identified on each course schedule. There is a tab at the top of each semester’s schedule that will allow you to view just the classes that meet the Practice Skills requirement. Courses that satisfy the requirement can be for two, three or four credits.

Filing for Graduation – to officially graduate from the university, all students must file a Graduation Application online through your  MyUH Access/PeopleSoft account by the designated filing deadline.  Click on the “Apply for Graduation” link listed under your Student Center.

See Academic Calendar for deadlines,

Timely Filing Fee - $25                               Late Filing Fee - $50


Graduation Ceremonies

There are two ceremonies that graduating UH students can attend: 1) The University Commencement Ceremony and 2) the Law Center Convocation. The University Commencement Ceremony is a campus wide celebration. The Law Center Convocation is specific to your degree and individual recognition is made.  For the complete commencement experience, graduates and their families are encouraged to attend both ceremonies.

The university launches a new tradition, University Commencement ( ). It is pomp. It is pageantry. It is impressive and spectacular. It is joy and pride for your family, and it is precedent-setting for generations to follow.

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Law Center ConvocationLaw Center Convocation is personal and meaningful. It is a shared celebration with faculty and friends who have shaped your education. At the convocation, each student is recognized, your family and friends will hear your name announced as you walk across the stage as well as any accolades.

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