UHLC Honor Code
The Honor Court is a student organization created to adjudicate violations of the Law Center's Honor Code, to educate students about the Honor Code, and to promote ethics in the Law Center's aspiring lawyers. The Honor Court consists of an investigative branch, a prosecutorial branch, and a judicial branch. The investigative branch consists of a Chief Honor Magistrate and three Associate Honor Magistrates. The prosecutorial branch constists of a Chief Honor Court Prosecutor and three Associate Honor Court Prosecutors. The judicial branch consists of a Chief Justice, eight Associate Justices and three Alternate Justices.

The Magistrate operates as the bridge between the student body and the Honor Court. The Magistrate conducts the initial investigation of a reported Honor Code violation. If the Magistarte deems that there is merit to a reported violation he or she will report to the Chief Honor Court Prosecutor for further action on the matter. After further investigation the Magistrate and Prosecutor, with the assistance of a faculty advisor, will determine whether a prosecution is in order. In the case of a prosecution the student will be informed, provided defense counsel, and a trial will be held.

Law Center students have a duty to know the Honor Code and to report violations. The Honor Court provides students an opportunity to make ethics a part of their everyday lives, and to use trial advocacy and evidentiary skills in a real proceeding. Students interested in joining the Honor Court are encouraged to interview for a position during the spring semester.

To report an Honor Code violation contact Honorcourt@central.uh.edu.