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Departmental guidelines and policies are subject to policies promulgated at the college and university levels.  In the case of promotion and tenure, guidelines provided by the Office of the Provost form the basis of all promotion and tenure decisions.  While a college or department may choose to implement more rigorous standards than those detailed in the university-level promotion and tenure guidelines, a college or department may not implement policies that result implicitly or explicitly in the application of less rigorous standards than detailed in the in the university-level promotion and tenure guidelines.  It is the obligation of the chair of the department to make all new tenured or tenure-track faculty members aware in writing of not only the university university-level promotion beyond tenure guidelines but also any college or departmental level policies or procedures that may impact their tenure and/or promotion.

These guidelines for professional evaluation of tenured and tenure-track members of the University of Houston's Law Center are prepared as a general document without reference to particular individuals or configurations of accomplishment.  They do not prescribe a uniform roster of accomplishments that must be achieved by all candidates for tenure or promotion.

Promotion, Tenure, and NTT Faculty Continuing Employment Agreement Information and Standards