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Room Reservation House Rules


Krost Hall, Hendricks Heritage Room, Commons, and the Albertus Room require additional permission from the Associate Dean's Office.

Follow the Steps below to reserve on of these rooms:

  1. If you would like to reserve one of the below rooms, check the room is available.

  2. Get permission from the appropriate person and email with the granted permission.

  3. The room will then be reserved.

Krost Hall Fariba Pouraryan
Hendricks Heritage Room Fariba Pouraryan
Commons Fariba Pouraryan
Albertus Room Fariba Pouraryan
MPS M-F 8-5 only



FOOD IS ALLOWED in any of the classrooms'

If you reserve one of these rooms for a lunchtime meeting you must depart from the room by 10 min of 1:00pm to allow for the 1:00pm class to begin taking their seats. The room must be clean or you will risk losing your room privileges.


Drinks are allowed in the classrooms


If  you reserve a meeting space during the lunch hour, your meeting MUST end by 12:50pm.


Please note that the MPS conference room located in BLB is available between 8am and 5pm/M-F ONLY. Weekend Reservations will NOT be approved.


You must leave the room as it was found.


Clean-up and dispose of all trash after your event.


If you have a “weekend event”, you must submit your request no later than Thursday at 11am prior to the weekend event to ensure that the room/building will be unlocked. This includes time changes for previously confirmed rooms. We cannot guarantee that the room(s)/building will be unlocked for weekend requests submitted past this deadline. Therefore, requests for weekend events received after this deadline will not be accepted, except on an emergency basis, at which time the requestor will be required to contact the Reservations Coordinator via email at, and cc Annette Brown, Custodial Services at AMBrown@Central.UH.EDU and place “Emergency Weekend Room Request” in the subject line, and await confirmation from both.


At least 24 hour notice should be given for after-hours events in Krost Auditorium to allow for the doors to be removed from key control. Requestors are responsible for their own sound systems.


For all events/luncheons where food is arranged for faculty, staff or a student organization in the Hendricks Heritage Room, Albertus Room or a classroom, please keep the following in mind: Make sure caterers return following the event to pick up chafing dishes, buckets, bowls, platters, insulated bags, etc.

Items that are not picked up by the catering company that same day must be taken back to your office, and caterers will pick up items directly from you.

DO NOT leave any catering items in the Hendricks Heritage or Albertus Rooms. If no one wants any remaining items, and if you think they can be reused for another Law Center event, please wash all items, and find a space in the cabinet for them. Otherwise, please dispose of the items

Allow time for Law Center faculty/staff/students to eat leftover food, and then please throw away any leftovers, and clean up any mess that may be in the room. This will ensure the room is clean should another event be held in the room later that day. The custodial staff will empty garbage cans later that evening.

NOTE: This also includes the kitchen area. BE SURE this area is clean (no dishes in the sink, no trash or food items left on the counter, no empty trays laying around, etc.)

BE SURE the furniture in the Hendricks Heritage or Albertus Rooms is put back in the same order you found it. These rooms must be returned to their normal room arrangement. If you need assistance with this, please contact Robert Gonzalez at 3-2115 for assistance.

If you arrive at the Hendricks Heritage or Albertus Room to set up for an event, and find the room in bad condition, please contact Robert Gonzalez immediately at 713-829-7795. Failure to put the room back in the same order it was found may result in termination of room privileges. 


Law Center Classes take precedence. Your reservation may be cancelled if it conflicts with a Law Center class.

*NOTICE: Failure to adhere to the house rules will result in REMOVAL of your privileges for future use.