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Application Checklists

Please review the checklists below before submitting your application. If any of these items are missing, it will significantly delay the processing of your file.

  • Complete all sections of the application.
  • Complete all required questions. (Make sure that you have read all application instructions and answered all yes/no questions, particularly questions 1- 5 under Character and Fitness.)
  • Attach the required personal statement, résumé, and any optional attachments (such as a statement regarding character & fitness, prior law school enrollment, residency, disability, or other optional statement).
  • Verify that all information is accurate and complete.
  • Complete and submit the residency questionnaire.
  • Pay nonrefundable $70 application fee electronically by credit card via LSAC.
  • Register for the LSAT and LSDAS or JD CAS.
  • Secure at least two letters of recommendation, which must be sent through LSDAS.

All applications must be transmitted electronically through LSAC.  Be sure to include your personal statement, résumé, and optional statement with this submission. Do not send them separately. 

International Applicants

(Additional required information which may be mailed directly to University of Houston Law Center, Office of Admissions, 4170 Martin Luther King Blvd, Houston, Texas 77204-6060)

Applications for J.D. admission will be available on September 1st.


The below links take you to LSAC’s login page and, from there, you can complete the online application for applying to UHLC.

Please make sure to review the application instructions and admissions process for important information.