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Scholarships empower exceptional students from all backgrounds to follow their dreams by improving access and equity in legal education. By investing in students today, we remove financial barriers to fuel the legal minds and leaders of tomorrow. Scholarship support grows not only an individual’s prosperity, but a robust and diverse legal community, and ultimately grows a philanthropic community to continue to give back for generations to come. The initiative goal is to triple our annual philanthropic scholarship support and raise $10 million by 2026.


Hanna Niner

It's Going to Have a Ripple Effect

Hanna Niner's Passion for Helping Others as a Lawyer

Brady Mills

Building a Promising Future

Brady Mills (J.D. Candidate ’25) Ventures into Intellectual Property Law

The Deanna Mack (J.D. '08) Endowed Scholarship

A Legacy of Community Service

The Deanna Mack (J.D. '08) Endowed Scholarship

Maggie Garza

The Legal Field Needs More People Like Us

Maggie Garza (J.D. 2024) shares what has inspired her to become a lawyer.

Deborah Billy Gillis-Harry

It Had to Work Out Because There Was No Other Plan

Deborah Billy Gillis-Harry (J.D. Candidate '25) shares her journey to achieving her dream of becoming a lawyer

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