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Fall 2013
7372 Upstream Economics - D. H. Bellman- 24691
Added 4/29/2013


Credits: 3

Course Areas: Energy, Natural Resources and Environmental Law 
Non-Law Courses

Time: 6:00p-9:00p  M  Location: 126  CBB

Course Outline: Objectives
• Understanding of the physical systems affecting the exploitation of hydrocarbon accumulations
• Understanding the economic structure and issues associated with key upstream processes.
• Ability to construct and use financial models and performance measures for the upstream business
• Appreciation of the key management decisions and the considerations that go into them in the highly uncertain exploration and production businesses

1. Participation on a student team in a competitive simulated oil and gas exploration and production venture, concluding with an assessment of the team’s results and lessons learned
2. Preparation and use of a financial model using Excel
3. Two team presentations relating to case studies used in the course
4. Two brief recommendation papers relating to case studies used in the course
5. A final examination problem

Course Syllabus: Syllabus pdf

Course Notes: Course taught by: Professor D.H.Bellman at Bauer School of Business.  NOTE to law students: The Bauer School of Business will allocate 5 seats for law students in this course. This course counts as an EENR course for those in the EENR LLM or certificate program. A strong preference will go to students who have already taken International Petroleum Transactions or who have some industry background. Law Students must be pre-screened by Prof. Jacqueline Weaver at by submitting a resume and statement of interest in the course (why you want to take the course). If approved, your name will go to Derrick Gabriel in Student Services who will keep a list and allocate the five positions to the first five students on the list. Bauer registration occurs much later in the semester than Law Center registration, so you will not be officially enrolled until the Bauer registration system opens up. Student Services can help you with this.

Using a combination of lectures, case studies and participation in a realistic economic simulation of exploration and production activities, used for training by oil and gas companies, students will gain an understanding of the economics of the upstream oil and gas industry and skills in economic modeling using Excel and Merak Peep.


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