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Fall 2013
5397 State & Local Gov't Law - ZALE- 25528

Professor(s): Kellen Zale (FACULTY)

Credits: 3

Course Areas: Constitutional and Criminal Law 

Time: 2:30p-4:00p  TTh  Location: 215 TU2 

Course Outline: While much of law school focuses on federal law, state and local law affects people more directly and concretely. States and local governments have substantial law-making and regulatory authority in areas as diverse as education policy, civil rights, tax law, land use and environmental issues. In addition, states and local governments are responsible for the financing and provision of most public services, and are the locus of much political participation by voters. This course examines both the law governing the powers of states and local governments and the actual content of state and local laws and policy. The course will also consider the relationships among various levels of government, including federal-state relations, state-local relations and intra-local relations.

Course Syllabus: Syllabus

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First Day Assignments: First Assignment: Briffault & Reynolds, STATE AND LOCAL GOVERNMENT LAW, pg. 1-27

Final Exam Schedule: 12/10 2-5pm  215 TU2    

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Satisfies Skills Course Requirement: No
Satisfies Senior Upper Level Writing Requirement: No

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