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Spring 2013
6260 Personal & Professional Ethics - SCHUWERK- 38740
added 11-1-12

Professor(s): Robert Schuwerk (EMERTI)

Credits: 2

Course Areas: Procedure and Practice 

Time: 4:00p-5:30p  TTh  Location: 240  BLB

Course Outline: Personal and Professional Ethics

This offering is comprised of two separate courses, both of which must be taken in order for a student to be enrolled. The overall goal of the course is to explore the causes of and possible cures for law student and lawyer distress. This is done through a series of readings and speakers that focus on such matters, including an expert on personality types, one or more psychologists who work extensively with law students and lawyers, and numerous practicing lawyers and judges. The overall methodology and philosophy of the course are set out at length in an article authored by the instructor. See 45 S.Tex. L. Rev. 753, 795-804, 809-813 (2004).

The one-hour portion of the course will require preparation of a ten-page paper, exclusive of footnotes, on a topic germane to the course. The two-hour portion of the course will be graded pass-fail. It will require preparation of short reflective papers (1-2 typewritten pages) on topics growing out of class presentations and discussions, and the completion of evaluative instruments designed specifically for the course.

Course Syllabus:

Course Notes: THIS PORTION OF THE COURSE IS PASS/FAIL! Students must register for both this course, and Law 5128/38741 in order to receive credit. QUOTA = 50 total for both sections.  


First Day Assignments:
First Week Assignment - Professor Schuwerk

DAY 1: Go to the website and take the Jung Typology Test by clicking on the "DO IT" icon and answering the questions put to you. Print out your scores and bring them to class. We will have a lecture on the meaning of the test (which is similar to the Myers Briggs Personality Inventory) early in the course; read Part V (pp. 795-804) of Robert P. Schuwerk, The Law Professor as Fiduciary: What Duties Do We Owe Our Students?, 45 S. TEX. L. REV. 753 (2004).

DAY 2: Read Parts I, II and III (pp. 758-790) of Robert P. Schuwerk, The Law Professor as Fiduciary: What Duties Do We Owe Our Students?, 45 S. TEX. L. REV. 753 (2004).

Final Exam Schedule:    

This course will have:

Satisfies Skills Course Requirement: No
Satisfies Senior Upper Level Writing Requirement: No

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