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Spring 2013
7213 SEM: Legal Aspects of Bioethics - WINSLADE- 38527
added 10-23-12

Professor(s): William Winslade (DEPARTED)

Credits: 2

Course Areas: Health Law 

Time: 4:00p-6:00p  Th  Location: 113  BLB

Course Outline: Examines the legal, ethical, and policy aspects of current controversies in bioethics. Topics include the birth, development and growth of bioethics, law and ethics in clinical settings, personal autonomy, privacy, confidentiality and privileged communications, informed consent to medical treatment and research, law and ethics at the end of life, deciding for others (children and incompetent persons), the body as a commodity, organ donation and allocation for transplantation, and patients' rights to refuse treatment.

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