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Spring 2013
5397 Law Office Management - POLLARD SACKS- 38645
Added 8-14-12; time/day added 10-22-12.

Professor(s): Deana Pollard Sacks (DEPARTED)

Credits: 3

Course Areas: Blakely Advocacy Simulation 
Procedure and Practice

Time: 2:30p-4:00p  TTh  Location: 4  BLB

Course Outline: Students will be introduced to basic concepts of law firm management, including typical and predictable problems in managing a law practice, and solutions to these problems. Student outcomes include: understanding the business of practicing law and the importance of a very organized and low overhead office; obtaining skills for organizing files, handling finances, and minimizing accounts receivables; knowing how to develop business and to keep good clients; and gaining communication and interpersonal skills to handle employees, clients, and the people involved in the court system. In addition, students are expected to understand how the practice of law has changed over the past century and, in particular, over the past quarter century based on the popularity of the internet and social media. Guest speakers will include local practitioners, recent law school graduates, banking experts (concerning setting up your IOLTA accounts and obtaining small business loans), local trial and/or appellate judges, and/or representatives from the State Bar of Texas, depending on availability of the speakers. Class participation is critical and is one aspect of the final grade.

Course Syllabus: Syllabus

Course Notes: This course will be taught by Visiting Professor, Deana Pollard Sacks.  


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Satisfies Skills Course Requirement: No
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