Health Law & Policy Institute

Ebola Workshop - Preparing for Public Health Emergencies

A Workshop for Local Law Enforcement, Emergency Management, Public Health Authorities and Government Officials

Nov. 7, 2014
9-11:30 a.m.


Adrian Garcia,
Harris County Sheriff
Allison Winnike, J.D.,
Research Professor,
University of Houston Law Center
David Persse, M.D., 
City of Houston Public Health Authority &
EMS Physician Director

A texas Bench BookControl Measures and Public Health Emergencies:  A Texas Bench Book

Ever wonder how federal and Texas law would operate if a serious communicable disease broke out such as Ebola, SARS, or swine flu?  What rights would the government have to, for example isolate and quarantine people and property?  How would power be allocated amongst the federal government, the Texas governor, the counties, various health authorities and the courts?  What rights would someone have who believed that “control measures” had been wrongfully applied to them?  How would courts meet if the situation got serious?  These are among the issues the Health Law & Policy Institute has examined over the past five years.  The “Texas Bench Book” available here is a result of that research.  This recently revised version contains an analysis of federal and Texas law on these subjects as well as forms that can be used in case of a serious emergency to implement features of Texas law.  Citations are provided to relevant laws to facilitate further research. The book has been updated for 2014 and is available now. Click here for the online book.


Health LawUH Law Center earns gold marketing award

The University of Houston Law Center's LL.M. brochures earned gold honors in the 2013 Collegiate Advertising Awards. The Law Center competed among graduate schools across the country. more...

SymposiumHLPI symposium focuses on ‘patchwork’ state of US health care

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Health Law Rankings Again Place the Health Law and Policy Institute Among the Best in the Nation

Houston City

The Health Law & Policy Institute was established in 1978. It is widely regarded as one of the top health law programs in the country. In April 2013, U. S. News & World Report rankings listed the University of Houston’s health law program as being in the top ten.




Health Law Journal Highly Ranked

Recent rankings of law and medicine journals by Washington and Lee University ranked the Houston Journal of Health Law and Policy among the top ten such journals in the country. Articles from the Houston Journal of Health Law and Policy continue to be among the most cited in the health law field.

The Health Law & Policy Institute is part of the University of Houston Law Center. It is guided by an advisory board consisting of leading academicians, health law practitioners, representatives of area institutions, and public officials. A primary mission of the Institute is to provide policy analysis for members of the Texas Legislature and health and human service agencies in state government. For further information about the Institute at the University of Houston Law Center, browse here or contact:

April Moreno
Program Director
University of Houston Law Center
Health Law & Policy Institute
100 Law Center
Houston, Texas 77204-6060
(713) 743-2101

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