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Yale Rosenberg Memorial Prize
            To honor the memory of Yale Rosenberg, a man of faith and a scholar, this scholarship is awarded
            for outstanding student papers in Administrative Law, Civil Procedure, Federal Jurisdiction,
            Habeas, or Jewish Law.
            Donor:  Friends of Yale Rosenberg
            Recipients:    Mark J. Kritzer, “License to Kill”
                        D. Adrianna Langemeier, “The Erie Doctrine and the Texas Citizens Participation
                    Act: Examining Klocke v. Watson as a Choose Your Own Adventure Story”

        Mark Vela Scholarship Fund
            This scholarship is awarded for the best paper(s) written on a topic in criminal law.
            Donor:  Family & Friends of Mark Vela
            Recipient:    Robert J. Root, “Comparing the Admissibility of Arson Expert Testimony in
                    Civil and Criminal Trials in Texas: The Need for a Common Standard”
        Judge Phyllis Randolph Frye Writing Competition Award
            Judge Phyllis Frye has long advocated for the rights of the transgender community. She
            established this scholarship to be awarded for the best paper in topics relating to an area of law
            and transgender issues. (Google “Phyllis Frye”.)
            Donor:  Judge Phyllis R. Frye
            Recipient:  Emma R. Brockway, “Transgender Female Athletes & The Fourteenth Amendment”
                     Cody Miller, “Gender-Affirming Procedures in the United States during the Covid-19

        First Generation Scholarship in Memoriam of Cecil Eugene Ogle
            As a first generation college student, Professor Gina S. Warren established this scholarship in
            memoriam of her father, Cecil Eugene Ogle. Professor Warren credits her father with being the
            first person to introduce her to the idea of attending college. This scholarship is awarded to a
            qualified female student who is first generation college and first generation law student,
            whose parents did not receive an educational degree greater than a high school diploma.
            Donor:  Gina S. Warren
            Recipient:  Jazmyne U. Betters
        Woody Densen ’66 Memorial Scholarship

            This scholarship honors the legacy and memory of Woody Densen, who had a love of learning and a
            desire for public service. He served two terms in the Texas State House of Representatives and was
            elected to three terms as a Judge of the Harris County 248th Criminal District Court. This scholarship
            recognizes a UH Law Center student who is in good standing and a first generation law student.
            Donor:  Anastacia Dadashpour and Patricia Denson
            Recipients:  Katherine I. Costella

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