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Gil Epstein ’94 Scholarship
            In memory of Gil Epstein, a dedicated prosecutor who had a passion for the law and protecting
            the rights of abused women, this scholarship is awarded to a student who plans to be a criminal
            lawyer and has shown great promise in that regard.
            Donor:  Family and Friends of Gil Epstein
            Recipient:  Yile Xu
        Celia Figueroa ’94 Memorial Scholarship
            The Celia Figueroa Scholarship was established in honor of the late Celia Figueroa by her family,
            friends, and employer, BBVA Bancomer USA, for whom she served as General Counsel. The
            scholarship is to be awarded annually to UHLC students who have displayed excellence in their
            studies and service to the Law Center community. Preference is given to 2L students who have
            family obligations and/or whose career involves international business experience.
            Donor:  Bancomer Transfer Services, Inc. and Family and Friends of Celia Figueroa
            Recipients:  Ann Clogan
                                    Hina I. Mohiuddin
                                    Neil E. Segel

          Nancy Snyder-Nepo ’00 Scholarship
            In memory of Nancy Snyder-Nepo, a lawyer and mother, who lost her life to cancer at a young
            age. This scholarship is awarded to provide financial assistance for a Law Center student who is
            balancing the role of parent and student.
            Donor:  Family and Friends of Nancy Snyder-Nepo
            Recipient:  Robert F. Clary
        Judge Mary Bacon ’72 Scholarship
            Judge Mary Bacon established this scholarship to provide an award to current law students who
            exemplify professionalism while maintaining two generation households living at the same
            Donor:  Family and Friends of Judge Mary Bacon
            Recipients:  Jordyn R. Emmert
                                    To Nhu T. Huynh
                                    Dylan S. King

        Barksdale Stevens Award
            This scholarship is in memory of Barksdale Stevens, an accomplished Houston lawyer and later
            a UH Law Center professor. This award is presented to deserving a third-year law student who is
            active and shows interest in the Law Center.
            Donor:  Baker Botts LLP
            Recipient:  Emma R. Brockway
        Diane Livingstone ’87 Memorial Endowed Scholarship
            This scholarship was established in memory of Diane Livingstone, who served as an Assistant
            United States Trustee for many years. The scholarship is awarded to a third-year student who is
            interested in serving the administration of justice in judicial or administrative positions.
            Donor:  Daniel Kamensky
            Recipient:  Christopher Duncan

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