Page 7 - Dean's Award Ceremony 2021 Program
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Robert Allen Memorial Student Excellence Fund
            In memory of Robert Allen, this scholarship was established to provide assistance to part-time
            students who have a passion for the law.
            Donor:  Elizabeth S. Allen
            Recipients:  Matthew T. Childress
                    Kirsten L. Hallmark

        Dean D. Hunt ’90 Scholarship
            Dean Hunt understands the challenges of part-time students having attended law school at night
            while working as an engineer and executive at a major multinational oil company. This scholarship
            is awarded to a part-time student who exhibits good moral character, a strong work ethic and
            financial need.
            Donor:  Dean D. Hunt
            Recipient:  Jessica M. Perry
        Ann Dinsmore Forman Memorial Child Advocacy Award

            Ann Forman spent nearly her entire professional life in the Travis County District Attorney’s
            Office in its unit devoted to the protection of abused and neglected children.  She was a
            tireless advocate for her charges, and an inspiration to all who knew her. This scholarship
            is awarded to a student whose career demonstrates a high level of commitment to the
            welfare of abused or neglected children, or other children with special needs.
            Donor:  Friends of Ann Dinsmore Forman
            Recipient:  Julie B. Rogers
        Ann Dinsmore Forman AWIL Award
            In memory of the co-founder and founding president of the Association of Women in Law, Ann
            Dinsmore Forman, this award is presented to students who best exemplify advocacy of matters of
            particular concern to the Association of Women in Law.
            Donor:  Friends of Ann Dinsmore Forman
            Recipient:  Haley E. Kurisky

        Women of the Law Scholarship
            Women of the Law aims to create a space for women alumni to network, learn together, and
            enjoy group events, as well as support the Law Center’s efforts to recruit female students and
            promote diversity. This scholarship is awarded to current female law students who have overcome
            socioeconomic obstacles, and exhibited good moral character and a strong work ethic.
            Donor:  Women of the Law Steering Committee
            Recipients:  Nasim Emamdjomeh
                                    Charisma R. Nguepdo
        Lauren and Iain Simpson Conservation Scholarship
            Professor Simpson devotes significant personal time to education about pollinators and other
            insects, their conservation, and the (sub)urban wildscapes supporting them—her passion outside
            of legal writing. This scholarship is awarded to a current student who has demonstrated significant
            interest in the conservation of wildlife, of natural areas or both.
            Donor:  Lauren ’94 and Iain Simpson
            Recipient:  P. Matthew Rando

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