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            The other half of the business operation on Isabella Street is a truck
            driver turned classically trained chef schooled in the culinary arts at the
            Art Institute of Houston and a veteran of several of the better known
            kitchens in the city, including The Houstonian, Mark’s and Hilton
            Marques Raven gravitated toward baking after working as a driver
            delivering a friend’s baked goods. He began operations as “The Luvin
            Oven” in 2014, specializing in vegan cupcakes — earning him the name
            “BaBa Cupcake” — before branching into cookies and other vegan
            He sells his products to Sunshine’s Health Food Store and Vegetarian
            Deli on Almeda but mostly caters office and private parties. Business
            is good — (his secret (non)-ingredient? “No dairy or eggs”) — but he
            would like to expand by getting into the retail market, especially large
            grocery chains. That’s where the Law Center’s clinic comes in.
                                                                   Rebecca Sheinbaum and visiting Assistant Professor Christopher Heard, clinic
            “Student attorneys assist the clinic’s clients in connection with a   director, discuss plans for their clients.
            variety of business law matters under the supervision of a Texas-
            licensed attorney,” Heard explained. “We help clients select and form an   “I have been very pleased to see how much clinic students and clients
            appropriate business entity, draft and negotiate commercial contracts,   enjoy working with each other,” Heard noted. “Students develop skills
            review loan documents and leases, buy and sell equity and assets and   that help them become ready for practice after graduation. They also
            work with employees and independent contractors. We can also help   make a significant impact in the lives of the clinic’s clients and the
            clients understand and comply with regulations applicable to their   broader community.”

                                                          LEGAL RIGHTS 101
                                                          Hundreds of Houston area “students” attended spring and fall sessions of the
                                                          “People’s Law School” to gain a better understanding of their basic rights on a
                                                          wide variety of legal issues.
                                                          The popular program, led by Richard Alderman, professor emeritus and director
                                                          of the Center for Consumer Law at the University of Houston Law Center, is co-
                                                          sponsored by the Houston Bar Association. It has been held for a number of years
                                                          at the school and, for the first time, a simultaneous session was held in October at
                                                          the Deluxe Theater in the Fifth Ward.
                                                          “A little bit of knowledge can save you a lot of money,” said Alderman. “If you
                                                          don’t know your legal rights, it really is the same as not having them.”
                                                          More than 650 people attended the two sessions on the Law Center campus,
                                                          while about 90 attended the event in the Fifth Ward.
                                                          “For a first-time program, the session in the Fifth Ward went very well,” Alderman
                                                          said. “We look forward to the People's Law School and the Fifth Ward community
                                                          collaborating in the future.”
            The People’s Law School is one of the oldest and most successful law programs for laypersons in the country, counting more than 50,000
            participants. Volunteer lawyers, judges and law professors teach courses and answer legal questions in multiple areas of the law, including
            business law, criminal law, credit and debt collection, wills and estates, health law and landlord tenant law.
            In his presentation on consumer law, Alderman, author of “Know Your Rights! Answers to Texans’ Everyday Legal Questions,” gave tips on
            how consumers can elude scammers, especially online.
            “There is no one out there who is going to make you rich or give you money. If something sounds too good to be true, it is.” he said. "Nothing
            important comes through the Internet or the phone, or, if it does, you are instructed to go directly to the official website, not click on it.”

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