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                                                   SUPER TUESDAY
                                                   The impact of the media on the presidential elections, the Supreme Court, Latino political
                                                   involvement and other topics relating to the 2016 presidential election were discussed in
                                                   February 2016 at a symposium co-hosted by the University of Houston Law Center and the
                                                   College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences (CLASS).
                                                   “Super Tuesday: Analyzing the 2016 Presidential Election” was held in the Banquet Ballroom
                                                   at the Student Center two days before the Republican debate on the UH campus — the final
                                                   debate before Super Tuesday.
                                                   The symposium was moderated by Law Center Associate Dean Marcilynn A. Burke. Dean
            EMBRACING DIVERSITY                    Leonard M. Baynes participated in the first panel, “Presidential Politics & Policy.” He was
            Breaking barriers and using cultural   joined by Associate Political Science Professor Brandon Rottinghaus and Assistant Political
            differences as strength paved the way for   Science Professor Elizabeth Simas.
            Houston and Atlanta to become cities with   Law Center Professor Seth Chandler, Assistant Professor D. Theodore Rave, Interim
            international interests, filmmaker Andrea   CLASS Dean Steven G. Craig and Assistant Economics Professor Vikram Maheshri  spoke
            Young said in February 2016 while visiting   in the second panel, “Supreme Court & Economic Implications of Presidential Elections.”
            the University of Houston Law Center. A   The symposium concluded with “Presidential Elections & Latino Politics in the U.S.,”
            discussion comparing the rise of Atlanta   featuring CLASS Professor Richard Murray and Law Center Adjunct Professor Ignacio
            and Houston followed the screening of “The   Pinto-Leon. They were joined by associate political science professors Jason Casellas
            Making of Modern Atlanta.” The screening   and Jerónimo Cortina.
            was in celebration of Black History Month.
            Young, the documentary’s executive producer,
            is a professor of practice at the Andrew
            Young School of Policy Studies at Georgia
            State University and Scholar in Residence at
            Morehouse College.
            “With Atlanta and Houston being very diverse,
            sometimes you have to re-affirm the things
            that you did that were right,” Young said. “We
            have to continue to work at understanding
            each other. We have to realize that embracing
            diversity is a critical part of our success. It
            has made for the growth and prosperity of
            communities. We have to keep getting better
            at it until we don’t have the inequality that we
            still see.”
            Young is the daughter of Andrew Young, a
            former mayor of Atlanta, congressman and
            ambassador to the United Nations. “It means                             SONDOCK JURISTS-IN-RESIDENCE
            a lot to me to tell this story, because I grew                          The University of Houston Law Center
            up with it,” Andrea Young said. “I had the                              launched its Ruby Kless Sondock Jurist-in-
            opportunity to interview people whom I knew                             Residence program in late January 2016 with
            for many years and really learn the depth of                            U.S. Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit
            the leadership they had given to Atlanta and                            Chief Judge Robert A. Katzmann as the
            the depth of the contributions they made.”                              inaugural participant.
            Young said part of that leadership came from                            As a tribute to UHLC alumna and Texas Legal
            attorneys and the legal community.                                      Legend Judge Ruby Kless Sondock ’62, the
            “Lawyers and people in our profession   program brings judges to campus to speak on topics regarding legal ethics. Other speakers
            have made an invaluable and incalculable   included U.S. District Court Judge for the Southern District of Texas Lee H. Rosenthal and
            contribution to the progression that we’ve   U.S. District Court Judge for the Southern District of Texas George C. Hanks, Jr.
            made in civil rights,” Young said. “Without   Texas Supreme Court Justice Jeffrey V. Brown spoke on technology and the law during the
            lawyers, we wouldn’t have had the legal   second year of the program in October.
            framework for change.”

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