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            Meredith Attwell Baker ’94

            Meredith Attwell Baker’s resume reads like a Who’s Who of   government affairs at Comcast
            government agencies and impactful corporations — head of a   NBCUniversal where she
            national communications association, FCC, Commerce Department,  developed policy positions
            Comcast NBCUniversal.                                  on legislative and regulatory
            The 1994 University of Houston Law Center alumna plans to share   issues and represented those
            the wisdom she’s gained from her experience in the worlds of public   positions before Congress, the
            service and business at the Law Center’s convocation ceremony on   administration and government
            May 13.                                                agencies.
            “It's a tremendous honor and I'm deeply gratified,” Baker said. “I had   She previously spent two years
            a non-traditional career path, so I think it will be nice to be able to   as an FCC commissioner after
            visit with the graduates, to show there are options with your law   being appointed by former
            degree and that you can really do anything with it.    President Barack Obama
                                                                   in 2009. There she took increased steps to extend broadband,
            “There's no one path. As you go through life, you trust your instincts   wireless and wired internet services to all Americans and helped
            and you take on challenges as they come to you, and your career will   determine how to get the infrastructure and investments needed for
            follow.”                                               widespread wireless services.

            The Houston native has spent the majority of her career in   From 2004-2007, Baker worked in the Commerce Department’s
            Washington, D.C.  After graduating from Washington & Lee   National Telecommunications and Information Administration
            University as a journalism major, Baker saw firsthand how a law   under President George W. Bush. There she was instrumental in
            degree could alter the trajectory of her career.       helping Americans transition from analog to digital televisions.
            “Law school was always in the back of my mind,” she said. “When   “Public service is a privilege,” Baker said. “You get to improve lives
            you come to Washington, D.C., everyone there is a lawyer — and   and make a difference. Sometimes public service gets a bad rap. Both
            I mean everyone. After college and living in Washington, I really   at the Commerce Department and at the FCC, I had really dedicated
            missed Texas and the great city of Houston. I missed my family.   teams. We are lucky that they serve, and I would encourage all UH
            Returning to Houston and UH was the perfect fit for me. I wasn't   grads to consider public service in Washington, D.C., Austin or
            sure what was next, but I knew the Law Center was the right place   Houston.”
            at the right time.”                                    Baker’s career is not typical for an attorney; she has spent little time
            Baker is president and CEO of CTIA, a trade association and   in a courtroom or within the offices of a law firm. While a J.D. may
            advocacy group for the wireless communication industry that works   not be the key to becoming a CEO, she acknowledges it has proven
            with all levels of government on wireless innovation and investment   to be an asset.
            issues, and aggressively advocates for consumer choice.   “A law degree helps,” Baker said. “Almost my entire team is made
            “CTIA is my dream job,” Baker said. “I was a young lobbyist here   up of lawyers. They bring a sound analytic approach, and are great
            in the late 1990s, so it's remarkable to be back running the trade   writers and great thinkers.
            association. This industry is the future of education, the future
            of health care, the future of the automobile industry. What this   “You don't need to practice law to use your degree. The law to me is
            industry enables is spectacular.”                      ultimately about solving problems, and that's something I learned at
                                                                   the Law Center and something I use every day at CTIA.”
            Prior to joining CTIA, Baker served as senior vice president of

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