EELPJ Volume 3, No. 1


Jose A. Berlanga and Nancy J. Brown, Establishing Tort Liability with Regulartory Tools? The Utility of Air Modeling as a Surrogate for Monitoring Data

Kevin Doran and Alaine Ginnochio, United States Climate Policy: Using Market-Based Strategies to Achieve Greenhouse Gas Emission Reductions

Benjamin K. Sovacool and Christopher Cooper, Congress Got It Wrong: The Case for a National Renewable Portfolio Standard and Implications for Policy

Recent Developments

Jacqulyn Coston, What Lies Beneath: The CLCS and the Race to Lay Claim over the Arctic Seabed

Ashlee Duncan, Pulling the Plug on Greenhouse Emissions: The U.S. Power Grid Could Accommodate Plug-In Electric Vehicles

David Kriewaldt, Recent Treatment of the Challenges Clause in CERCLA 113(h)

Alborz Nowamooz, Inadequacy of Transmission Lines: A Major Barrier to the Development of Renewable Energy

Karl Schulz, China's Confidence in Coal Liquefaction Rests on an Unsteady Foundation